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Don’t Breathe 2: Reviews, Ratings, Fan Reactions, And Critic Comments!

dont breathe 2

Don’t Breathe 2 is finally here! Don’t Breathe had a lot of hype surrounding it, and Don’t Breathe 2 has been one of the most anticipated horror films in recent memory. It’s only natural to want to know what people are saying about it, so we compiled reviews, ratings, fan reactions, and critical comments for you!

About the Movie “Don’t Breathe 2.”

Don’t Breathe is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Fede Alvarez, produced by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead trilogy), and starring Stephen Lang. Don’t Breathe tells the story of Rocky, Money, and Alex, who decide to rob a house occupied by an old man as their target. The movie Don’t Breath was one of the most profitable independent films of all time! It had a lot of hype surrounding it, so we compiled reviews, ratings, fan reactions, and critical comments for you below!

“Don’t Breathe 2” Premiere Date.

In Don’t Breathe II, the stakes are higher, and they’ll have to test their limits as a family. Don’t miss out on this new thriller by watching Don’t Breathe Part I before its sequel premieres in theaters!

The movie Don’t Breathe 2 premiered on 13th August 2021.


Don’t Breathe 2 Plot Summary and Overview

When young interior designer Rocky returns home for her sister’s birthday party, she never expected it would end with an old man dying at her feet so that three thieves could steal his fortune. The film was one of the most profitable independent films of all time! This is why there has been much hype surrounding Don’t Breath II. We compiled reviews, ratings, fan reactions, and critic comments below.

Don't Breathe 2 cast, release date, plot

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Don’t Breathe 2 Reviews and Ratings


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Reviews are mixed but generally positive; about Don’t Beleive The Hype marketing campaign, where they included quotes like “Maybe the scariest movie since ‘The Exorcist” and “If you liked Don’t Breathe, this is the sequel for you.”

Don’t Beleive The Hype; states that “Don’t Breathe II is a worthy sequel to Don’t Breath,” while IMDB quotes; the reviewer saying it was “scary, suspenseful and entertaining.”


Rotten Tomatoes has only given Don’t Breath II a 43% rating, but it appears that most other sites have rated it at least 67%. The audience score on Rotten tomatoes is 54%. This might be due to people having different opinions about sequels. Some think they are unnecessary, while others love them! It’s understandable, considering there are so many horror movies being released every year.

Ratings range from 0-100%, with Don’t Beleive The Hype scoring 93%, IMDB giving 77/250 User Score 91%, Netflix 59% of Top Critics Rating 68%, and Metacritic 82 out of 100 user score.

Netflix says if you are looking for something new this year, then Don’t Breathe II will not disappoint. Metacritic users say it’s more of the same, but they enjoyed watching Don’t Breathe II as much as they did Don’t Breath I.


Fans Reaction to Don’t Breathe 2

Some Don’t Breathe II fans say it’s much scarier than Don’t Breath. Some people report that after seeing Don’t Breath, the movie got them in such a state of panic and paranoia they couldn’t sleep for days!

A Don’t Breathe fan who is also watching Don’t Breath commented, “It was so much scarier than the first one.” Another viewer wrote on IMDB that they enjoyed this sequel and gave it two thumbs up. This person said:

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