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Monica Lewinsky To Play A Crucial Role In Impeachment: American Crime Story As Per News!

Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story

What does Monica Lewinsky do in Impeachment: American Crime Story? Monica Lewinsky is set to play a crucial role in the new season of “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” The news was announced at the Television Critics Association on Tuesday.

About the Series “Impeachment: American Crime Story”

Impeachment: American Crime Story is an upcoming season of the anthology television series “American Crime Story.” The season will explore the Monica Lewinsky scandal and its subsequent investigation by then-president Bill Clinton.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” Renewal Status and Premiere Date

The series, which premieres on Tuesday, September 7th, is a limited-run series with only nine episodes. The show was renewed due to its enormous success in the field. The series release date has been confirmed by the showrunners, which are 7th September 2021.

Monica Lewinsky to play a crucial role in Impeachment: American Crime Story

The Monica Lewinsky Scandal and its Investigation by President Bill Clinton. In 1998, Monica Lewinsky was hired to work as an intern at the White House during her studies. In a now-famous scandal titled “Lewinski,” she became involved with president Bill Clinton in 1995. After being transferred from the Pentagon to the West Wing of the White House, Monica began having sexual encounters with then-president Bill Clinton, which were documented on a blue dress.


Beanie Feldstein plays Monica Lewinsky!!


Monica Lewinsky plays a crucial role in Impeachment American Crime Story as per news! Monica Lewinsky has been cast for the pivotal part of Monica Lewinksy in “Impeachment: American Crime Story” Season Three. The new season will explore the Monica Lewinsky scandal and its subsequent investigation by then-president Bill Clinton.

First glimpse of Beanie Feldstein's transformation as Monica Lewinsky | Metro News


This casting announcement was made during the TCA (Television Critics Association) event at Los Angeles Convention Centre on Tuesday morning, where Ryan Murphy revealed that Felicity Huffman would also return as Hillary Rodham Clinton for this third installment of “American Crime Story.”

Impeachment: American Crime Story Plot Summary

The third installment of the series will focus on Monica Lewinsky’s (Katherine LaNasa) affair with then-US president Bill Clinton and its subsequent investigation by Ken Starr.

It is not clear how many episodes Monica will be in the season, but it has been confirmed that she would have a pivotal role in Impeachment: American Crime Story.

Will there be any plot twists in the series?

As Monica Lewinsky is a crucial part of the plot, there are chances that her character might have some conflicts with Hillary Clinton’s character. One thing we know for sure and what was confirmed by Ryan Murphy earlier this year is that Monica will be portrayed as “a smart person.”


She has also been seen in two photoshoots- once being posed on top of an office desk wearing nothing but a trench coat and another posing topless. The series will portray Monica before she became famous, thanks to the Bill Clinton scandal.

Star Cast Updates for Impeachment: American Crime Story

Who will play Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story? Monica Lewinsky is going to be played by none other than, Beanie. She has a few roles on her list, including the one of Linda Lovelace in “Lovelace” and as Mandy Moore’s sister in “This Is Us.” The 31-year old actress who hails from Canada was also seen playing Emily Lacey on HBO series Girls.

In another recent announcement, it was revealed that Sarah Paulson would appear too alongside Monica! Not many details are known about what role he will portray, but we can expect him to act very well given his track record over the years with movies.

Some of the confirmed star cast is:

  • Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky
  • Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp
  • Clive Owen as Bill Clinton
  • Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge
  • Anthony Green as Al Gore
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones

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