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Child’s Play TV Series “Chucky” Filming Completed, Release Speculations, And Story Details!


Child’s Play is a Child’s play TV series that has just finished filming. It will be airing on the SYFY channel soon, and we are all wondering what to expect. With the Child’s Play film franchise being rebooted, it might be possible for a Child’s Play TV series to do well too! Read below to find out more about Child’s Play TV show release speculation and story details!

About the Series “Chucky”

Plot information is scarce at this time, but Chucky may or may not have been banished from killing children to keep him alive longer as he transfers his soul into different bodies such as human adults or dolls.

Child’s Play television series “Chucky” is based on the Child’s Play movie franchise that was created by Don Mancini. It tells a story about Andy Barclay (Ages 12), who has been given to his mom as a birthday present, and he finds out when she opens it Chucky, a Good Guy doll with pale skin who speaks in a raspy voice and wears overalls of the red plaid shirt.

Child’s Play TV series “Chucky” Filming Updates

The Child’s Play TV series has been confirmed to be complete and in the process of editing. The release date for the Child’s Play TV Series is not finalized yet, but it will likely come out sometime this year or early next year. What do we know about the Child’s Play TV series? We have all sorts of information on the plot, cast, and key scenes that you need to read!

Child’s Play TV series “Chucky” filming is completed.

The Child’s Play TV series started production on June 12, 2019. The Child’s Play film was originally released in 1988, starring Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay. Child’s play is a horror movie about an American doll named Chucky that comes alive when its owner casts spells to be powerful like his former resided witch who owned him before.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Child’s Play film, which was initially filmed in 1988 with some scenes from 1989 added for enhancement purposes; at later points after initial completion. This remake will take place where it left off, following up on events such as what happened to Karen Barclay with Child’s Play.

“Chucky” Potential Release Date

Child’s play is a horror movie about an American doll named Chucky that comes alive when its owner casts spells to be powerful like his former resided witch who owned him before. The series is likely to release later this year or even in early 2022.

Chucky' TV Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot


Plot Predictions and Storyline for “Chucky” Series

The Child’s Play TV series plot will focus more on how Chucky; came to be from Charles Lee Ray; before transferring into an innocent-looking; plaything for children. Child’s Play is set after the events of Seed of CHUCKY, where we find Andy Barclay all grown up, living off the grid, and Child’s Play will explore the origin of Chucky.

Chucky is a human soul who was trapped in an evil doll body for many years, but his time has finally run out. He knows he isn’t getting out of this one alive and plans on taking Andy with him if possible. When Chucky finds himself without allies to help him escape from police custody, it becomes clear that he’ll need to take drastic measures instead – so what better way than to find another living vessel?

The end goal for Child’s Play is not just about killing people as much as it is about ruining lives or causing misery; something every child can relate to when they’re being bullied at school.”


Cast and Characters Guide for Child’s Play TV series “Chucky.”

So far, the only confirmed cast members are:

  • Brad Dourif – Chucky
  • Alex Vincent – Andy Barclay
  • Christine Elise – Kyle
  • Jennifer Tilly – Tiffany Valentine
  • Fiona Dourif – Nica Pierce

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