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La Fortuna Series On AMC+ – Official Trailer, Release Date, Plot, and Star Cast News!

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The La Fortuna series will be coming to AMC+ at the end of March, and we couldn’t be more excited. La Fortuna is a new thriller series that follows the lives of four women, all very different but with one thing in common – their fate. We are so excited for this show because it’s not your typical mystery story where you try to figure out who did what or why they died. La Fortuna is much more than that!

About the Spanish Series “La Fortuna”

This new thriller series is unlike anything we’ve seen before. La Fortuna follows the lives of four women, all very different but with one thing in common – their fate. La Fortuna isn’t about who did what or why they died; it’s so much more than that!

From a woman whose husband dies under mysterious circumstances to another who suffers an unimaginable loss, La Fortuna gives us insight into their stories as well as those around them and how each character handles their own trauma while trying not only to save themselves from suffering similar fates, but also from aiding others within the La Fortuna world. This show brings you on a roller coaster ride for 12 episodes – some terrifyingly thrilling moments are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

“La Fortuna” Series Release Date Speculations

“La Fortuna” is set to release this summer on AMC+, and while no official date has been given, there are speculations as to when La Fortuna will be released. The show La Fortuna seems like it would be a show that you wouldn’t want to be spoiled for you, so ideally, they would try not to air it during the original airing of any other popular series but rather after season end or at least in-between seasons.

Stanley Tucci To Star In Alejandro Amenábar's AMC Series 'La Fortuna' – Deadline


But what if La Fortuna turns out better than expected? What if all your friends keep talking about how good La Fortuna is and won’t stop watching every episode before its time?! Well, then I guess we’ll have to watch La Furtenna ASAP because people can forget spoilers!

Potential Storyline and Plot Details for “La Fortuna” Series

La Fortuna is a new show that will be premiering on the American broadcasting network AMC. La Fortuna tells the story of two different families living in La Fortuna who are often at odds with one another but still make enough time to co-exist next door and create their own communities.

The series follows both Maria’s family – a poor farming family struggling to survive growing up without the love and guidance from their father – as well as Vicente’s family – an affluent La Furtenna business owner whose wife passed away three years ago, leaving him all alone raising his young son Diego (who has been ignored by everyone for so long) while running La Furtenna successfully alongside his best friend, Paulo.


“La Fortuna” Star Cast Updates

The La Fortuna series follows the lives of two families living next to one another in La Furtenna. The Cast is the following:

  • Álvaro Mel
  • Karra Elejalde
  • Ana Polvorosa
  • Pedro Casablanc
  • Stanley Tucci
  • T’Nia Miller
  • Manolo Solo

Will the “La Fortuna” Series on AMC+ be worth watching?

The La Fortuna series is a one-hour drama that follows the lives of two families living next to each other in La Furtenna. You can watch La Fortuna on AMC+ just like you would any other show and be hooked from episode one! If you are looking for new content, La Fortuna will not disappoint. There’s suspenseful moments as well as lighthearted ones guaranteed to keep you entertained all hour long.”

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