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Kid Cosmic Season 2: Official Release Date, Plot Details, and Voice Artists!

cosmic season 2

The Kid Cosmic Season 2 release date has been announced! Kid Cosmic Season 1 was wildly successful, and the show is set to return with new episodes. The Kid Cosmic cast will be returning as well, along with some new voices. Read on for more information about Kid Cosmic Season 2: plot details, voice actors, and more!

About “Kid Cosmic Season 2”

Kid Cosmic will return for a second season with new voice actors and writers! Kid Cosmictakes place in the near-future where Earth’s atmosphere has been destroyed through human tampering. The people of Earth are forced to live below ground or work as air filters in Outer Space stations like Kid City, which orbits around the planet Saturn.

Kid Cosmic plot revolves around one determined kid; named Micah who wants nothing more than to spend time exploring space. But finds that he cannot because his body can’t breathe oxygen anymore due to the destruction of our planet’s natural atmosphere. So now all his adventures happen inside of Virtual Reality games designed by his best friend Teddy – unless an opportunity arises outside of Kid City that he cannot turn down.

Kid Cosmic Release Date Announced By Netflix - Brand New Kids Special - Public

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“Kid Cosmic Season 2” Renewal Status

“Kid Cosmic Season One,” Kid Comic’s most popular web series and winner of the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, is coming back for a second season!

There will be nine episodes total throughout 2018 (in addition to one special episode)


It takes place six months later than “Kid Cosmic Season One.” With Earth destroyed beyond all repair. The second season is set to premiere this year. Also, the series has been renewed for a third season.


Official Release Date for “Kid Cosmic Season 2”

The official release date has been announced by our friends at Niantic Inc., so stay tuned for all updates on when it will be available. We’ll keep you updated with any new Kid Cosmic information as soon as we hear about it, too – trust us, some great things are happening here at Kid Media Labs!

Kid Cosmic Season One was released back in June 2018 and quickly became one of the most popular apps in VR stores around the world due to its immersive storyline, stunning graphics, and compelling gameplay. The show Kid Cosmic Season Two will pick up where the first season left off and promises to be even more exciting!

Kid Cosmic Season 2 will release on 7th September 2021.

“Kid Cosmic Season 2” Potential Plot Details

Now that Kid has left Wonderland, he must fight his way back to save it from the shadowy menace of Hellhounds. The kid will need help, though! He’ll join forces with Frumpkins and Sprootles on an epic new journey home through a range of environments, including deserts, forests, towns, and cities.


We’re so excited for you all to play it again as we’ve made some awesome improvements based on your feedback (thanks!). The plot is still under wraps but if you want a hint, then read below.

Voice Actors and Cast for “Kid Cosmic Season 2”

Kid Cosmic voice artists are due to be announced soon! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting sequel coming out later this year.

Some of the confirmed voice artists are:

  • Jack Fisher as Kid
  • Amanda C. Miller as Jo
  • Lily-Rose Silver as Rosa Flores
  • Christian Lanz as Carlos Flores
  • Kim Yarbrough as Flo
  • Tom Kenny as Stuck Chuck
  • Fred Tatasciore as Tuna Sandwich
  • Keith Ferguson as George “Papa G”
  • Cree Summer as Queen Xhan

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