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Cobie Smulders In “Impeachment: American Crime Story” – All Latest Updates!

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Cobie Smulders has been cast in the American Crime Story series Impeachment, which is set to air on US television network FX. Cobie will play a “revered” and “powerful” Supreme Court Justice who gets embroiled in an attempted coup d’état at the White House. Cobie’s character is first seen when she gives her daughter advice about marriage.

About “Impeachment: American Crime Story”

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” is an upcoming US television series that will air on the network FX. Cobie Smulders has been cast in a powerful and revered Supreme Court Justice who gets caught up in an attempted coup d’état at the White House. Cobie’s character is first seen when she gives her daughter advice about marriage. The show will be based on real-life events surrounding Richard Nixon’s impeachment and the relationship between him and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman (played by Anthony Edwards).

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” Renewal Status

The first season of “Impeachment: American Crime Story” will be split into two parts. Cobie Smulders is confirmed for the show’s entire duration.  The Producer of the series has said that if there are any more seasons; of this series, they may not all cover true crime stories; instead, he would like them to be based on different time periods; or people but still explore how America deals with conflict and scandal. Cobie Smulders’ character will have a significant presence throughout both episodes, so it seems likely that she’ll return as well!

Official Release Date for “Impeachment: American Crime Story”

Cobie Smulders confirmed the release date for the upcoming American Crime Story Season. Along with the show makers, the date was announced, saying that “Impeachment: American Crime Story” will officially release on 7th September 2021. The original OTT Platform will be FX.


“Impeachment: American Crime Story” Storyline and Plot Scenes

It is said that Cobie Smulders will portray the role of Ann Coulter in “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” The scenes from the show are about how President Clinton was impeached and what happened to him once he left office.

Cobie Smulders to play Ann Coulter in Impeachment: American Crime Story

Source: AV

The show is based on a true story. Cobie Smulders will play a major role in it, which is Ann Coulter – one of President Clinton’s most vocal critics. The plot revolves around how Clinton was impeached and what happened to him once he left office.

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Cobie said about her new role, saying that she could not be more excited for her next project because this year has really changed everything for me. Millions of Americans are looking forward to the new season with Cobie Smulders in it!

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” Potential Plot Twists and Spin-Offs

It is still unclear what will happen in the upcoming season. Fans can speculate that Cobie Smulders might be working with Ann Coulter on a new project, or maybe she has moved to another city and starts her own business!

It does not seem far-fetched for Cobie to take up such an important role again if there is going to be some spinoff of “Impeachment: American Crime Story”. Do you think it would be fun watching Cobie Smulders as part of a TV show which focuses solely on one event?


Star Cast Updates for “Impeachment: American Crime Story”

Cobie’s character proved quite popular among viewers who enjoyed how strong-willed and smart this woman was.

Some of the other actors of the series are:

  • Cobie Smulders as Ann Coulter
  • Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp
  • Margo Martindale as Lucianne Goldberg
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones
  • Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky
  • Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge

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