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The Suicide Squad Spinoff Show In Talks – Everything We Know So Far!

the suicide squad spinooff

The Suicide Squad spinoff show is in talks, and it’s set to be the next big thing on The CW. The cast has been announced, but there are still many unanswered questions about the plot and filming locations. In this article, we will present all of the latest updates so you can stay informed!

About “The Suicide Squad”

The Suicide Squad is a DC Comics superhero team of super-villains, who are typically led by Amanda Waller and have the difficult task of saving The United States from various threats. The show will be based on The CW’s sister-show “Arrow,” which ties to The Suicide Squad in the comics!

About the show “Peacemaker.”

In The Suicide Squad Spinoff Show in Talks, The CW is planning to air a new show called “Peacemaker.” The series will be set before The Arrowverse’s timeline, and it will focus on the retired Amanda Waller.

The synopsis for Peacemaker sounds really interesting! It has not yet been confirmed if The Suicide Squad cast from the comics will make an appearance here or not. It would definitely be cool to see Harley Quinn as part of this spin-off show since she was absent during The Arrow Season Six finale – but that should come with no surprise because she’s voiced by Tara Strong who doesn’t work at Warner Bros (the company behind Batman: Assault On Arkham).


Filming and Production for The Suicide Squad Spinoff

The filming locations for The Suicide Squad spin-off are unknown, with the original filming date set for March but postponed.

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Production for the spinoff starts this year with filming locations yet unknown. The Suicide Squad is a spin-off from The CW’s Arrowverse – and it will be following the adventures of The Task Force X.

The show was originally set to begin filming in March but has been delayed for an unknown reason. The show has not been given a release date but is expected to be released in The Fall.

Arrow star Stephen Amell, who plays lead character Oliver Queen on Arrow, posted photos from The Suicide Squad set teasing the upcoming spinoff and new characters for The CW’s universe!


Release Date Speculations for The Suicide Squad Spinoff Show

The Suicide Squad spinoff show has not been given a release date. The Suicide Suqd Film is set to release on 6th August 2021. Therefore, we cannot expect the spinoff show this year. Maybe it will have a 2022 release.

Potential Storyline and Plot Details

The Suicide Squad spinoff show is expected to be set in The CW’s universe, just like the Arrowverse. The plot of The Suicide Squad has not been confirmed yet, but we can expect a more street-level mafia story with The Flash and Supergirl as well!

Peacemaker: Suicide Squad Spinoff With John Cena Coming to HBO Max - Den of Geek

Source: Den Of

Will there be any major twists in “The Suicide Squad” spin-off show?

Major twists are not confirmed yet. The Spinoff Show is in talks, and it will be interesting to see what The CW has in store for us! Stay tuned!

The Suicide Squad spin-off show was announced in 2021 when Panabaker took part in an interview alongside her co-star Colton Haynes. Whilst there were no specific insights into the storyline or any major casting announcements, this new series appears promising.

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Characters from The Suicide Squad Film Set To Appear In The Spinoff Show?

Arrow star Stephen Amell, who plays lead character Oliver Queen on Arrow, posted photos from The Suicide Squad set teasing new characters for The CW’s Universe. Not only that, but he also teased an upcoming “spin-off series,” which sounds similar to what we are expecting!


Some of the predicted cast members are:

  • Stephen Amell
  • Freddie Stroma
  • Lochlyn Munro
  • Pete Davidson
  • Margot Robbie
  • John Cena

Will the show be worth watching?

We have high hopes for The Suicide Squad spinoff. The cast looks like it will be the perfect mix of actors, and we are excited to see how they portray some new characters. We’re also ready for more Margot Robbie; she can do no wrong! Nothing is set in stone yet, but hopefully, The CW won’t disappoint us with this superhero series.

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