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Wentworth Season 9: Renewal Status, Release Date Predictions, Plotline, and Star Cast!

wentworth season 9

The Wentworth season 9 is the upcoming ninth season of Wentworth. It will be broadcast on SoHo in Australia and Foxtel in New Zealand. There are no details about the release date for Wentworth season 9, but we can speculate that it’ll be released sometime between September and December 2021. The Wentworth Season 8 has ended with a cliffhanger as Bea Smith was denied parole for the crimes she committed while inside Wentworth prison.

About the show “Wentworth.”

Wentworth is an Australian drama television series. Wentworth tells the story of Bea Smith (played by Danielle Cormack), a woman who has spent years in prison and finds herself flung back into society, picking up her old life with newfound determination. The show also features other Wentworth inmates, prison officers, and outsiders who have crossed paths with Bea. A compelling narrative about redemption, revenge, sexual politics, motherhood, and survival is set within.

Wentworth Season 9 Renewal Status

Wentworth season nine has wrapped up its sensational eight-episode eighth season. The show’s ratings have been steadily declining with each new installment (especially the fifth through seventh seasons), but it is still one of Foxtel’s highest-rated original productions on television in Australia for 2018. This year Wentworth began airing a week after Netflix released all episodes at once to binge-watch so that viewers can catch up before Wentworth continues next year.

Therefore, fans can be released as there is definitely a season 9.


Release Date Predictions for Wentworth Season 9

The Wentworth show is currently in production for a ninth season, but the release date has not yet been confirmed. We’ll likely see Wentworth back on our screens by mid-2021 – possibly with 13 episodes. This will be an exciting time as its most recent season was only eight episodes long, so there is still plenty of stories left to tell!

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The show will release its Season 9 in Australia on 24th August 2021. Whereas, for the rest of us, the release date is not specific but can be speculated to be October 2021.

Plotline Ideas for Wentworth Season 9

No plotlines have been announced at this stage; however, fans are hopeful that Wentworth will continue exploring its iconic character Bea Smith (played by Danielle Cormack) beyond her journey heretofore seen in the last episode of Wentworth Season Eight when she rides into the sunset with Franky Doyle (played by Nicole da Silva).

When Will Wentworth Season 9 Be On Netflix?


It is also not known whether Wentworth Season Nine will take the form of a reboot or if it will continue where Wentworth season eight left off. And, while there are no plotlines as yet announced for Wentworth Season Nine, one can speculate that they might explore Bea Smith’s future in Australia with her new family: son Franky Jr and daughter Bella.

The plotline of this show is focused on Bea Smith’s (played by Danielle Cormack) fight to maintain control over her mafia empire from within Wentworth Prison after discovering Jake Stewart( played by Steve Bisley) had taken over things when she was in prison.


Wentworth Season 9 Cast and Characters Guide

In the Wentworth series nine, we see how these changes have affected everyone in this season of Wentworth Prison – including Bea’s son Franky Jr., daughter Bella and wife Paula. We will see a lot of new faces as well as the previous stars.

Some of the main actors for the series are:

  • Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith
  • Leah Purcell as Rita Connors
  • Jane Hall as Ann Reynolds
  • Chloe Ng as Nurse Shen
  • Catherine McClements as Meg Jackson
  • Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens
  • Nicole da Silva as Francesca “Franky” Doyle
  • Kate Box as Lou Kelly
  • Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart
  • Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson
  • Katrina Milosevic as Susan Jenkins
  • Jennifer Vuletic as Mandy
  • Tom Wren as Dominic Slade
  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
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Is “Wentworth” worth watching?

Wentworth is a TV series that follows the life of Bea Smith and her fellow inmates in Wentworth Prison. It has been on air since 2013, so you can imagine how many stories are waiting to be told! Season nine will see new faces as well as old ones. This show does not disappoint with its intense drama, and character-driven storylines, so make sure you watch it when season nine breaths of air in 2021!

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