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Love Is Blind Season 2: What Happens Next? Everything You Should Know

love is blind season 2

In February 2020, the way we date changed forever because of Love Is Blind, a dating experiment that was so ahead of its time it invented quarantine before COVID-19 became known as a pandemic. The show follows conventionally attractive singles as they hunker down in “pods” to find love and commit to marriage sight unseen.

Love is Blind, a Netflix show about couples who come to the end of their ropes and decide to get married just days after meeting each other, was an international hit. There’s been very little information released so far about any future seasons of the Netflix show Love Is Blind. Here’s what we do know about season two.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Premiere Details:

Just a month after the show’s premiere on Netflix, the streaming service announced that it had been renewed for two more seasons. TVLine reports that Netflix’s VP of Nonfiction Series, Brandon Riegg mentioned how “amazing” it has been to see viewers respond positively to stories about “real people and real stakes.”

“We are excited by the enthusiasm viewers have shown for all of our series, and we’re thrilled that they enjoyed them so much. We look forward to coming up with more amazing television shows for members to enjoy.”


Based on the good news that there has been an almost immediate renewal, Love is Blind Season 2 and Season 3 will be delayed for several months due to a pandemic.

Production for the second season of this show is set to start on April 2021. So for the new series to premiere soon, you can expect it to start streaming in 2022 as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast Details:

Netflix has not yet announced any casting news for Season 2 of the reality show, but creator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Weekly how difficult it was to find the perfect people.

“There are certainly places for people who want to do stuff for the attention, but we wanted to be dealing with those genuinely interested in it.”


Love Is Blind Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

The Love Is Blind Season 2 will likely follow the same format as season 1, with minor modifications. Love is Blind Season 2 brings the drama of both The Bachelor and Married at First Sight but with one key difference: everyone wears blindfolds.

The cast members have control after 5 to 7 dates and can decide if they want another date or not. If a man is interested in her, he may proposition her for 10 days of meeting through a podcast. If she agrees, they may finally meet face to face.

The contestants go to Mexico for a romantic holiday but have to bump into the dates they made in outer space. Even though they are engaged, the couples live apart during ‘Love is Blind.’ Two episodes after their engagement, each couple moves into a shared apartment and gets used to living together. They meet each other’s friends and family before deciding to stay put or break up.

“Love is Blind” Season 2 follows multiple couples as they make the difficult decision about whether or not to get married in order to break up as well as what will happen if they do tie the knot.


In the first season of Love Is Blind, eight couples got engaged. But the show only focused on six (the two couples who weren’t given a story arc didn’t end up getting married). We hope to see more love stories, as well as a longer second season.

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