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Latest News: Olivia Rodrigo leaving the “High School Musical” Series Ahead of Season 3!

olivia in high scholl the musical

The cast of High School Musical has lost another original member. Olivia Rodrigo, who played Nini Salazar-Roberts in the first two seasons, is leaving her role and will be replaced by actress Laura Marano for Season 3. Olivia’s departure from the series comes as a shock to many fans because she was one of the longest-standing cast members of Disney Channel’s ever-popular musical drama. Olivia herself took to Instagram last night to share her final message with HSM fans: “I’m so grateful for my time on this show and I’ll miss it dearly.”

About the series “High School Musical”

High School Musical is an American musical comedy television film and the first installment in the High School Musical trilogy. Produced by Disney Channel Original Movies, it premiered on January 20, 2006, on Disney Channels worldwide. The film was directed by Kenny Ortega based upon a screenplay written with Beth Mancini and Jim Geoghan of the original two films’ production team.

Olivia Rodrigo May Leave 'High School Musical' Ahead Of Season 3

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Olivia Rodrigo leaving the “High School Musical” series ahead of Season 3!

Olivia’s departure from the series comes as shock for many because she was one longest-standing cast members Cast includes Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman.

The “High School Musical” series has been Olivia Rodrigo’s job for nearly a decade. She first appeared in the 2006 film; as Gabriella Montez alongside Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton; before returning for the 2008 sequel High School Musical: Senior Year and 2015 prequel TV movie, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

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Olivia Rodrigo history with High School Musical

The actress played a major role on both seasons of high school musical tv show where she starred as Kelsi Nielsen-Keaton who became shy while attending college after gaining popularity from her time with Troy Bolton at East High School in High School Musical One other character Olivia plays is Taylor McKessie which was introduced to the series in the second season.


“I’m so grateful I got this opportunity,” Olivia told Entertainment Tonight at Monday night’s premiere of “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.” The film also stars Eden Sher from ABC comedy TV show “The Middle”. “It has been my job for nearly ten years now and it’ll always feel like home to me,” Olivia continued.

“What Olivia has done for the show, what she’s created with her character that no one could have ever predicted is an all-time great performance and a really beautiful human being.” – High School Musical Executive Producer.

High School Musical Most Popular Actors

Olivia has been involved with “High School Musical” since 2006 when she was cast as Gabriella Montez for High School Musical on Stage! Her character holds out until halfway through High School Musical II before attending East High alongside Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) her love interest throughout both films.

Some of the most renowned actors who were/are a part of High School Musical are:

  • Zac Efron
  • Joshua Bassett
  • Sofia Wylie
  • Olivia Rodrigo
  • Larry Saperstein
  • Dara Reneé
  • Frankie Rodriguez
  • Alexis Nelis
  • Nicole Sullivan
  • Valente Rodriguez
  • Andrew Barth Feldman

Is “High School Musical” worth watching?

The series “High School Musical” is worth watching because it teaches you a lot about life and how to deal with the pressures that come along with being in high school. Olivia Rodrigo’s character has to make some difficult decisions as she enters this new phase in her life, but Olivia always does a great job portraying what it means to be a teenager. The songs are catchy and fun too! :]

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