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Hollywood Actress Judy Greer Stars In Mabel Movie

judy greer

As reported by Deadline, Judy Greer has been cast for the indie film Mabel. This is her second role that was reported this week, with more upcoming engagements in both films and television. The actress will join LA Bound soon.

Judy Greer, Luca Borghesde, and Ben Howe serve as producers in the indie film Mabel. The perfect role for the actress who will undoubtedly succeed despite her recent acting hiatus.

Details About The Movie: Release and Plot

The film focuses on Callie, who is secluded from society except for the plants that surround her house. When her dad moves to a new subdivision, she only has one friend Mabel.

Christine Ko Joins Judy Greer In Nicholas Ma's Indie 'Mabel'

Source: Yahoo Movies

Greer will play Mrs. G in Mabel, a relatable story of moving to a new place with the added bonus of Callie talking to a potted plant called Mabel.

Greer has played a variety of roles during her decades-long career in Hollywood but is best known for the comedies she’s starred in like 13 Going on 30, 27 Dresses, and more.


Whether she’s starring in  Halloween Kills  (set to open on October 15) or taking on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Maggie Lang in the Ant-Man film series, Judy Greer is constantly booked and working. Her career is going well.

Greer has also had the opportunity to bounce back and forth between bigger blockbuster projects like Mabel and indie films like Uncle Frank. Greer is currently recording a Disney+ feature film of Hollywood Stargirl, along with Uma Thurman and Grace VanderWaal.

We cannot yet find the release date for Mabel. But, with more Judy Greer in upcoming movies to come, it should be enough to hold us over until then.

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