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Emma Stone In A Lawsuit Against Disney: Everything You Should Know

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Emma Stone reportedly is considering suing Disney over Cruella’s hybrid release after Scarlett Johansson filed her own lawsuit.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Emma Stone is thinking about suing Disney over the release of Cruella. The backstory for Mulan’s “villainous” character was released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ or $29.99 Premier Access. The previous pandemic pictures that Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon launched.

Despite a mostly positive reception, the film with Emma Stone as lead failed at the box office. Some claim that Cruella’s hybrid release of Paid to Watch (until TV premiere) may have hurt the movie’s revenues.

Lawsuit Against Disney:

Disney’s latest blockbuster, The Black Widow, to hold a dual debut was the highly-anticipated Marvel flick. However, Natasha Romanoff herself saw a big loss in international movies.


Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against Disney for breach of contract, citing that the Premier Access release for Black Widow hampered her successful box office performance. Her salary is contingent on these numbers, which she believes were suffocated by a lack of viewership from this release.

Former THR reporter Matt Belloni has been reported as saying that Cruella’s latest star, Emma Stone, is considering legal action against Disney. “Emma Stone, whose character of ‘Cruella’ in the movie is revealed to have a romantic past with [villain] Jasper,” he wrote in his newsletter What I’m Hearing.

Emma Stone

Other Details

Belloni also asked Emily Blunt, who has a significant Disney contract, to speak up about the lack of minority creators at the company. He called Disney “notoriously difficult to deal with” in these circumstances and added that other creatives had been waiting for someone in Hollywood’s spotlight to call attention to this problem.

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Belloni, the journalist, and director of Women’s March Global commented that Scarlett Johansson has an “overwhelming amount of support from fellow artists” in response to Disney lawyers’ statement that she would have the right to leave.

According to Disney, the studio has followed all stipulations in Johansson’s contract. Their statement rebutted that her pay wasn’t impacted by the Netflix release but instead increased due to it. The real story behind this mess might not be as dramatic as it seems, and there is a good chance that the contract stipulations are just not public.


While Johansson seems like she is taking on an impossible battle, challenging a powerful force such as Disney could be seen as David and Goliath. Someone as cunning as Johansson wouldn’t have gone head to head with Disney without fertile ground. Premier Access might be finished if Stone speaks out about Cruella in the coming weeks.

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