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Brand New Cherry Flavor: Release Date Updates, Storyline, Plot Details, Spin-Offs, and Cast!

brand new cherry flavor

You may be wondering what Brand New Cherry Flavor is all about. What’s the story? Where can you find it? Who will be in it? Brand New Cherry Flavor revolves around a new ice cream shop that sells an exclusive flavor – Brand New Cherry! The owner, Claire, opens up her store to sell Brand New Cherry, and she meets Nicky. Soon they fall in love, but things get complicated when another guy named Alex comes into the picture. Will Alex win over Claire, or will Nicky have his way with her heart?! Find out this summer on Brand New Fresh Flavor!

About the mini-series “Brand New Cherry Flavor.”

Brand New Cherry Flavor is about a new ice cream shop that sells Brand New Cherry. We are so excited for Brand New Cherry Flavor because it’s like an adventure through a time where you can taste something brand-spanking-new for yourself before anyone else does! Check back here every day until July 14th to see what we’re talking about next!”

It is an upcoming American horror drama series created by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion, which will stream on Netflix.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Renewal Status

Brand New Cherry Flavor series has been renewed for an eight-episode season by Netflix. We can’t wait to see what Brand New Fresh Flavor will bring! Brand New Cherry Flavor has received an eight-episode second season renewal from Netflix following its initial release in 2021 as part of its push for more genre programming to support its original films.


Netflix Release Date for Brand New Cherry Flavor

Netflix Brand New Cherry Flavor will be released on August 13, 2021. For the fans who love horror series, this is just the show for you. It is possible to binge-watch the entire season in one go as it is supposed to have just episodes.

Brand New Cherry Flavor' Trailer: A Filmmaker's Trip to Hollywood Takes a Dark, Weird Turn (VIDEO)

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Brand New Cherry Flavor Storyline

The show follows a group of people in the fictional town of Brand who are haunted by painful memories and terrifying secrets after the return of one man from military service (Erik). The community is thrown into chaos when they find out that Erik has returned to his hometown with plans for revenge against those he holds responsible for some tragic events.

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The Brand New Cherry flavor is set to follow the events of season one and will center around how the new virus spreads across society, its impact on humanity, and what happens when a cure does not exist. We can’t wait for this second season! “It’s going to end up being pulpier at some point,” said creator Nick Antosca about Brand Brand Fresh Flavor during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There are touchstones that we’re keeping from the first season, but it becomes less of a slow-burn horror mystery.”

Spin-Off Speculations for Brand New Cherry Flavor

We don’t have much insight into Brand New Cherry Flavor’s storyline, but based on the title, it seems as though Antosca is teasing a second season. Whether or not this will happen in Brand New Cherry Flavor remains to be seen. There are also rumors of a spin-off about Layla and Taylor that might explore what happened with those two characters after they left Windy Hill Mental Hospital at the end of Season One!

Cast and Characters Updates

Brand New Cherry Flavor’s story will center around how the new virus spreads across society, its impact on humanity, and what happens when a cure does not exist.


Some of the confirmed cast members for the series are:

  • Rosa Salazar
  • Daniel Doheny
  • Peter Dewhurst
  • Eric Lange
  • Georgia Bradner
  • Crystal Albert
  • Mark Acheson
  • Catherine Keener
  • Kyra Leroux
  • Hannah Levien
  • Michael Bardach
  • Siena Werber

Will the series be worth watching?

If you enjoy horror movies and shows, then there is a good chance that this will be worth watching! However, if you do not enjoy the horror and zombie genre and do not care for zombie movies, it might be best to avoid this series.

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