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Will Smith To Cast In Netflix’s “Fast & Loose” Movie – Everything You Need To Know!

will smih loose movie

Netflix is set to release Will Smith’s newest movie “Fast & Loose.” Will Smith will be playing a character named Dax Lycander. The plot of the movie focuses on an illegal street race in which Will Smith participates, but he ends up cheating by using a different car and switching with another driver to win the race. This article goes over all of the details that you need to know about Will Smith’s new Netflix film!

About the movie “Fast & Loose”

Will Smith is racing for his life against 20-year old Lanie; (played by Lily James) when they both decide not only to use their own cars; during this unlawful event. But also switch drivers so they can cheat. And make it through unscathed.

This debauchery leads them into some dangerous troubles; as they are chased down and have to rely on each other without any help from the law. Will Smith’s character, Dax Lycander, is an ex-convict who has been framed into this race with Lanie, and now they are both racing for their lives to get out of it alive.

Their only hope rests in a stranger that happens to be hiding around the corner; someone who holds all the answers about what really happened during Will Smith Fast & Loose!


Release Date Speculations for the movie

The Will Smith movie, Fast & Loose is set to be released in 2022. That’s a long time away from now! There have been no hints or rumors about the possible release date for this film yet. We can only wait and hope that Netflix will let us know when it plans on revealing more information about Will Smith’s next project with them as his latest award-winning gig.

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This article gives you all of the important details concerning Will Smith’s new upcoming thriller; Fast & Loose! It also shares what we should expect once he finally releases his big blockbuster hit onto our screens, at last, so don’t forget to check back soon for updates.

“Fast & Loose” Plot Speculations and Storyline

The synopsis for Will Smith’s upcoming thriller is as follows: “a cunning criminal, Will Smith, partners with a cop to take down the city’s most ruthless drug lord. But when they lose sight of their moral compass and cross lines they never should have crossed, it starts them on a race against time to save what really matters; their family.”

This sounds like an intense movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more! Will Smith has always been known for his great acting skills in films such as Enemy of The State, Ali and I Am Legend so we know he’ll do this film justice. He also stars alongside Academy Award nominee Viola Davis which means that these two will make the film even better.


This will be Netflix’s first movie and Will Smith has been added to it which means that it can’t go wrong! It sounds like we’re going to get some great action scenes, drama moments, and moral lessons in there too which is always good for us viewers. This plot seems really interesting as well since Will Smith plays against type by playing a cop on the other side of things rather than his usually comedic roles.

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Cast and Crew for “Fast & Loose” movie

There are literally no words on who is casting in the movie apart from Will Smith. We are aware of the directors, producers, and writers of Netflix’s upcoming thriller movie.

Cast and Crew for the movie:

  • Will Smith – Cast
  • Kelly McCormick – Producer
  • Jon Mone – Producer
  • Ryan Shimazaki – Producer
  • James Lassiter – Producer
  • Leitch – Producer

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