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Nathalie Emmanuel In Army of Thieves – Everything We Know So Far!


Nathalie Emmanuel was announced to star in the upcoming movie, Army of Thieves. Nathalie is best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The actress will play a lead character named Violette in the film which also stars Jamie Dornan and Aaron Paul. The plot is being kept secret but we do know that Nathalie plays “a woman who has been marked for death by an international terrorist organization”.

About the film “Army of Thieves”

The story revolves around two men. They both work at a security company responsible for protecting cargo shipments all over Europe from thieves and terrorist attacks. Both are former marines who left the military after fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But things start to go wrong when Nathalie’s character Violette, a woman from their past shows up again on one of Blake’s cargo shipments with her hand raised as if sending them some kind of signal. She was supposed to have died three years earlier while working for the same security company but apparently she didn’t!

Army of Thieves Release Date Speculations

The release date for the Army of Thieves is still unknown. Nathalie Emmanuel has revealed that it will be released in late 2021, but she could not give a more specific date than “late summer.”


Nathalie’s characters Violette and Blake share some history from when they were both working at the same security company before Nathalie was supposedly killed three years ago. Nathalie first spoke about her experience on set with Entertainment Tonight: “We had to go back into this abandoned power plant which was really cool because we got to play around,” Nathalie told ET.

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Nathalie Emmanuel in Army of Thieves

She said how much fun their fight scene together as ex-military friends turned enemies was; “It felt like an action movie!” Nathalie said, adding “We had to be really careful because the guns were actually real so we didn’t want any accidents.”

Nathalie is not only returning for Army of Thieves but also starring in a new movie; called Fighting with My Family which will hit theaters; later this year. She was brought on after Dwayne Johnson; came up with the idea and she heard about it from her mother who’s friends with Sasha Banks (a wrestler).

Army of Thieves Trailer Teases Netflix's Army of the Dead Prequel Movie | Entertainment News


Nathalie Emmanuel as Violette: Nathalie plays an ex-military member turned thief alongside Blake Logue played by Sterling K Brown. It’s revealed that they used to work at the same company before Nathalia left three years ago when something happened and Nathalia couldn’t return to the company. Nathalia is described as someone who has been through a lot of pain and lost everything but she’s resilient, determined, strong-minded, and fierce with an “incredible sense of humor”. Violette was Nathalie’s favorite character to play because Nathalia is her “personal hero.”

Plot Details for Army of Thieves

The movie starts off two years after the end of World War II where all Germans have been relocated from their hometowns into camps. Nathalie Emmanuel is playing the character, Gwendoline.


Army of Thieves is Nathalie’s first major lead role. Nathalia has a lot to juggle in her life as she balances the demands of being an actress and mother but Nathalie believes that this character was perfect for her because Violette “is driven by revenge, something I can relate to”. Nathalie admits that the Army of Thieves will be challenging for her since it’s out with what people know from Game of Thrones (the show) which means Nathalia doesn’t have any protection based on public opinion or popularity – it’s just about how well Nathalia does the job.

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What can fans expect from the movie?

Nathalie says Nathalia will be a “kick-ass, strong female assassin with her own set of morals and values”. Nathalia’s character is also multi-racial. Nathalie is half-Lebanese and also has British heritage on Nathalie’s father’s side.

Army of Thieves Cast and Characters

The film will have some amazing actors and actresses who will be portraying film characters.

Some of the actors involved in the film are:

  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Gwendoline
  • Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter
  • Stuart Martin as Brad Cage
  • Noemie Nakai as Beatrix
  • John Bubniak as Christopher
  • Guz Khan as Rolph

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