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Marvel’s Armor Wars: Don Cheadle Discusses The Show And His Rollercoaster Of A Life

armor wars

Don Cheadle is an American actor who is best known for his role in the Iron Man series. He has been cast as James Rhodes, Tony Stark’s friend, and confidante. The show, Marvel’s Armor Wars, will be airing soon enough! “It was a great ride,” said Cheadle of the filming experience. “I think we had such a good time because everybody really embraced it.”

What Don Cheadle Has To Say About Marvel’s Armor Wars?

With Marvel TV’s machine humming along at Disney+, churning out viral hits with each new release, it goes without saying that fans are wondering what the plan is for Armor Wars, a spinoff of Iron Man which will follow Rhodey (Don Cheadle) into the next chapter of his time as War Machine.

Actor Don Cheadle, who played Rhodey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, confirmed that he’s been offered a role to star in a Disney+ series about Tony Stark’s childhood. He won’t say what will happen but confirms he’ll start filming soon. It’s been nearly a decade since the last Marvel Avengers Iron Man movie, but there is an exception to that rule. Rhodey appeared in the other Marvel movies, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

MCU: Don Cheadle To Lead Marvel's Armor Wars Disney+ Series - The Direct

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“All I know is that we’re going to start figuring out who, what, when, and where for all of it,” Cheadle told Collider during an interview. “It’s super early in development stages so I couldn’t even spoil it if I wanted to.”

With so little known about it, the upcoming international release of Marvel’s Armor Wars has been perceived as being a reimagining of the story. Reportedly, there is no announced creative team either at this point in time.


A post-credits scene in the Falcon and Winter Soldier finale seemed to hint at a role for Sharon Carter, who might be selling government secrets and prototype weapons to Rhodes and Stark’s old enemy Justin Hammer. The Armor Wars TV series is currently scheduled to debut on Disney+.

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