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“Eden” Season 2 is Coming to Netflix! Check Out All The Details

eden season 2

Netflix has announced the release date for Season 2 of Eden! This news is so exciting because Season 1 was such a hit. The first season garnered rave reviews and many awards, including an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. If you loved this show as much as we did then you’re going to be counting down the days until its release on Netflix! Here’s everything you need to know so far:

Eden Season 2 Release Date Details:

Netflix has not confirmed “Eden” Season 2, but the show’s creator has said he would like to green-light a second season. We are not sure what Leach means by this. If fans of “Eden” can help it reach the level of saturation to prove that they have an audience, then Netflix sounds open to the opportunity.

Netflix has a solid track record for renewing original anime projects like “Aggretsuko,” “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” and “Hero Mask.” Fans of the show received a glimmer of hope that “Eden” Season 2 may be coming soon, but it’s not feasible to produce episodes quickly enough. The possible release year can be 2022.

Eden Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And What Can We Expect? - Phil Sports News

Eden Season 2 Cast Details:

It isn’t currently clear who might be added to the “Eden” voice cast for Season 2, but with such great acting in Season 1 it seems likely that some of your favorite actors and actresses will come back.

  • Sara Grace by Marika Kouno (Japanese); Ruby Rose Turner (English)
  • A37 by Kyoko Hikami (Japanese); Rosario Dawson (English)
  • E92 by Kentaro Ito (Japanese); David Tennant (English)
  • Zero by Koichi Yamadera (Japanese); Neil Patrick Harris (English)
  • S566 by Tarusuke Shingaki (Japanese);J.P. Karliak (English)
  • Zurich by Yuki Kuwahara (Japanese); Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
  • Geneve by Yuko Kaida (Japanese); Julie Nathanson (English)
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Eden Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

By the end of the first season, Eden is rocked by mystery and unrest. These incidents are just a glimpse of the darkness in Eden, which hasn’t yet been explored. If fans want more clues to this darkness, there’s plenty to explore in season two after it premieres on Netflix.

While in college, Leach developed the idea of “Eden” it means that he has spent over 20 years thinking about different directions the world could take. He explained to reporters: “In a couple more episodes, I would have focused on Sara and her relationship with the robot family.”


The show’s second season is not scheduled to release anytime soon and based on the first season, viewers are not sure what fresh adventures await Sara in “Eden” or if she’ll return to the past or travel into a future new world. But it seems that there are plenty of other places for this story to explore given how much love there has been from Netflix viewers.

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