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Don Mancini Teases Updates About The “Chucky TV show” – Everything We Know So Far!

chucky tv show

Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky and co-creator of “Child’s Play,” recently teased updates about the upcoming TV show. Don revealed that it will be a continuation from where Don left off in “Curse of Chucky.” The first season is set to premiere on October 12th, airing Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy!

About the Show “Chucky”

After the events of “Curse of Chucky,” Don Mancini, creator, and co-creator of Child’s Play will continue to delve into the story. Don reveals that it is set to be a continuation from where Don left off in “Curse.” Don also reveals that the first season is set to premiere on October 12th, airing Fridays at nine-eight. He says: “I think it’s an interesting story and I am excited for people to see it.”

Don Mancini teases updates about the “Chucky TV show”

The series will be set in an unspecified time period. Don said: “I was looking for a way to do something different with the story and one of the ideas that I came up with is not giving it a definitive timeline.” Don also confirmed there would be flashbacks or visions but didn’t specify which ones.

It’s been reported by TV Line that Chucky has some sort of connection to Charles Lee Ray aka The Lakeshore Strangler who is currently incarcerated at Smiths Grove-Riverside Sanitarium; the same place where Andy had his first encounter with Chucky years ago!


Don also revealed possible plot points for Season One:

It’ll focus on family legacies – examining how Andy came about being possessed by Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky. We might see flashbacks or visions as well. This could potentially involve Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) who was killed off in Curse; however, this has not been confirmed yet. There are moments when Don says, “we’ll see.”

Chucky TV Series Release Date Announcement

“I feel ok with it. It’s one of those things where I’m afraid to say too much because you don’t want anyone else getting their hands on it and spoiling the story.”

The series is currently under post-production because as per reports the filming has mostly been completed. And the show makers also announced an official release date for the “Chucky TV Show”. The show will be broadcasted on  Syfy on 12th October 2021.


Potential Plotline and Story Details for the Chucky TV Show

Don Mancini teased that the “Chucky TV Show” will explore more about Don’s version of Chucky. He said, “It’ll be interesting to see what he does with him in a long-form context.”

And also Don is rewriting the script for the show as per reports. He mentioned this while talking to Variety and revealed that; it was going well because his team has been working on an outline for some time now.

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The “Chucky TV Show” plotline can’t be confirmed yet but Don did mention a couple of things which are worth mentioning: The series is set right after “Curse” and we might get to know how Don would deal with Chucky if he had the chance to see him in a long-form narrative.

Don also confirmed that the cast of the “Chucky TV show” has not been finalized yet, but he did mention an actor who’s interested in playing Chucky on screen.


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Source: Bloody

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Cast and Characters Updates for the Chucky TV Show

In Don Mancini’s interview with Variety, he mentioned an actor who is interested in playing Chucky on the TV show. Don shared that this person “is perfect to play him.” He also said that there are currently no cast members confirmed for the new series and we’ll learn more about it soon enough!

The voice artists for the Chucky TV Show are:

  • Brad Dourif voiced Chucky
  • Teo Briones voiced Junior Wheeler
  • Björgvin Arnarson voiced Devon Evans
  • Alex Vincent voiced Andy Barclay
  • Fiona Dourif voiced Nica Pierce
  • Zackary Arthur voiced Jake Wheeler
  • Christine Elise McCarthy voiced Kyle
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