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Showrunner Rafe Judkins Has Planned Out 8 Seasons of “Wheel of Time”!


Showrunner Rafe Judkins has planned out 8 seasons of “Wheel of Time”! Rafe is known for his work on ABC’s spy series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he has been working with Franck Raffaelli for the past year to come up with a creative storyline that will make Wheel of Time one of the most popular TV shows in history! Rafe was quoted saying “We’re going to do this show right.”

About the Series “Wheel of Time”

“Wheel of Time” is a planned TV series adaptation of the epic fantasy novel series by Robert Jordan. Rafe Judkins, along with Franck Raffaelli, has been developing the show since 2017 and has created eight seasons’ worth of content already!” Rafe was quoted saying “We’re going to do this show right.”

“Wheel of Time” is a book adaptation?

Don’t worry- Rafe has planned the storyline of “Wheel of Time” from A to Z! Refe said: “This will be a TV show that is in touch with nature and magic. We want to make something people can watch together as a family. We’ll have lots of humor too.” – Rafaelli told The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday morning.

Release Date Speculations

“The Wheel of Time is a stunning global phenomenon with millions of fans. Rafe Judkins is adapting the Wheel to television, and we think he’s going to do it great justice,” said Sony Pictures Television president Mike Hopkins in an interview with Deadline.


It was also reported that Rafe has been working on “Wheel of The Time” since 2017 which means there may be potential for another showrunner change like what happened last year? Season 1 of Wheel of Time will reportingly release in November 2021 on Amazon.

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Wheel of Time Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no official announcement about whether or not there will be a season two. Rafe Judkins, the showrunner of Wheel of Time Season One is reportedly in talks with Amazon to get renewal for another year but he also stated that it’s ultimately up to them and it may depend on how well they think the first season went which means people should watch out for any updates from Rafe!

Wheel Of Time Showrunner Already Has 8 Seasons Planned Out

Source: Screen

Showrunner Rafe Judkins has planned out 8 seasons of “Wheel of The Time”!

Wheel of Time Season One will reportedly release in November 2021 on Amazon. Rafe Judkins, the showrunner has planned out eight seasons for this series but there’s no word yet if it’ll be renewed or not! There is a chance that Rafe might get an update when season one releases so stay tuned to any updates from Rafe!

Will there be 8 Seasons of Wheel of Time?

Showrunner Rafe Judkins has planned out a total of eight seasons for the series but it’s unclear if they will be renewed or not. Rafe might get an update when season one releases so stay tuned to any updates from Rafe!

“Wheel of Time” Season 1 Plotline

The plotline for Season One revolves around Rand al Thor’s recovery after being seriously injured at Falme; his return home where he faces hard times because his absence made him an object of contention between his father Rhaegar and half-brother Elias, who wanted to take over the farm; meeting with strangers at Tar Valona Whitecloak deserter named Padan Fain and some of Rhaegar’s old guard led by Ser Jaret Byars.


Wheel of Time revolves around two characters, Rand al’Thor and Moiraine Damodred – who are true friends. They have traveled together since childhood on secret missions which often lead them into danger. However, despite all these life-threatening experiences they both seem content with their lot in life as long as they’re together until tragedy strikes that separate them.

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The Cast for “Wheel of Time”

Rafael’s vision is not just a TV show but an ongoing series that will extend through eight seasons with the first two books being adapted in Season One followed by six more thereafter.

The cast for the series includes:

  • Rosamund Pike as Moiraine
  • Taylor Napier as Maksim
  • Mandi Symonds as Daise Congar
  • Alexandre Willaume as Thom Merrilyn
  • Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’Vere
  • Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara
  • Christopher Sciueref as Abell Cauthon
  • David Sterne as Cenn Buie
  • Juliet Howland as Natti Cauthon
  • Zoë Robins as Nynaeve al’Meara
  • Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Leane Sharif
  • Kae Alexander as Min Forshaw

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