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Amphibia Season 3: First-Look, Release Date, Plot Details, Voice Artists, and More!

amphibia season 3

The Amphibia season 3 release date is finally here! This show has been a fan favorite for many years and it’s coming back with some new changes. Amphibia season 3 will be the last of the Amphibia series, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to see these characters again. The voice artists are going to change in Amphibia Season 3, but we’re not going to tell you who they’re changing into just yet. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates on this upcoming release!

About the TV Show “Amphibia”

Amphibia is an American-Japanese children’s animated television series created by Amphibian Productions in partnership with NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. It focuses on a girl named Amphibia who befriends frogs and must battle against an evil entity known as The Toad King to protect her home of Tadpole Pond from becoming desolate.

This show is about Amphibia, who has been raised by tadpoles her whole life (hence the name) but one day she gets turned into a human! Amphibia spends time learning how to deal with humans while also trying to figure out what happened when all the animals disappeared overnight before finding out that it was actually because The Toad King took over their land will have to team up with her new friends, including a frog named Mr. Amphibian (which is also the name of the show), to try and save Tadpole Pond from becoming desolate!

Amphibia Season 3 Renewal Status

Amphibia season three has been renewed for a release, but Amphibia is in the midst of its second season with 12 episodes released so far. So now fans are waiting to find out when Amphibia will be back again! Stay tuned for updates.


Release Date Announcement for Amphibia Season 3

The release date was officially announced by the show makers. And to our surprise, the date is very close. Therefore, all the kids can jump with joy. The series is set to premiere on October 2, 2021. Currently, the team is working on the animation of the show as the filming process is over.

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Runtime: 20 Minutes (per episode)

Time Frame for Season Premiere: Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 on Disney XD. The Amphibia Animation Team is working hard to make sure that the animation quality stays high and consistent with the first two seasons! We will keep you updated as more information becomes available 🙂

The storyline for Amphibia Season 3

We do not have any information about Amphibia Season three as of yet. Keep an eye out for new updates!


Season three will be a continuation of Amphibia Season two. Amphibia season one and Amphibia Season Two are not related in any way, but some voice actors may reprise their roles for the third installment of the series to maintain consistency. We do not have any information about what happens in Amphibian season three as of yet! Keep an eye out for new updates!

Amphibia Confirms Season 3 Release Date Sneak-Peek Clip and Poster


We cannot give away too much at this point 🙂 You’ll just have to wait until it airs on TV or you can buy it online when released! Do you know someone who would like Amphibia Season Three? Share this blog post with them now 😀

Amphibia Season 3 Cast and Characters

The Amphibia series features a lot of new voice actors and actresses. Amphibia season three will have some from the previous two seasons, plus many more! Here are just a few:

  • Brenda Song
  • Justin Felbinger
  •  Wallace Shawn
  • Amanda Leighton
  •  Bill Farmer
  •  Anna Akana
  • Dana Davis
  •  Haley Tju
  • Matt Vogel
  • Alex Hirsch
  •  Brad Garrett
  •  Whoopi Goldberg
  • Wayne Knight
  • Melissa Villaseñor.
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Amphibia Overall Reviews and Ratings

The Amphibia series is a clean, wholesome show that appeals to all ages. The first two seasons received mostly positive reviews: 86% for Amphibia season one and 94% for Amphibia season two on Rotten Tomatoes!

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