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Exclusive News: Michelle Monaghan To Cast As Identical Twins In “Echoes” Limited Series!

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Michelle Monaghan is set to play Leni and Gina in a new limited series. Michelle, who has starred in such box office successes as Gone Baby Gone and The Departed, will be playing two roles; identical twin sisters Leni and Gina. In the show, she’ll portray two female leads with two different perspectives of the same event simultaneously.

About the Show “Echoes”

“Echoes” is a limited series about identical twin sisters Leni and Gina. In the show, Michelle will portray two female leads with two different perspectives of the same event simultaneously. The show has been in development for years and it is finally coming to fruition!

Michelle has been a part of the process from day one. Michelle and other cast members have had to act out exaggerated versions of themselves to get their point across. Michelle will be playing identical twin sisters, who are active partners in this project that she helped create with her wife and creative partner.

“Echoes” Limited Series: Adapted from “Echoes” Movie?

When Michelle Monaghan was cast as Leni and Gina; in “Echoes” Limited Series, the question about whether Michelle is an adaptation; of a movie called “Echoes” starring Michelle Williams; came up. The answer to that question is no, Michelle will not be adapting Michelle’s own work; to tell her story for TV.


Vanessa¬†wrote and directed the film; she does have some experience; with telling her own stories onscreen, but this time it’s happening through two of her most notable characters; one who exists today and another from 20 years ago.

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So far there are three episodes completed out of ten – these were shot before a writers’ strike started last November so production has been going at its usual pace since then. This show is set’s Michelle in “Echoes” Limited Series, it was unclear if the series will be an adaptation of the original Echoes series/movie.

Release Date Speculations

The release date for the Michelle Monaghan in “Echoes” Limited Series is not yet confirmed, but it will most likely be released this year. Michelle has been busy with her other projects recently and she also just announced that she’s expecting a baby girl! However, if Michelle wants to get back into shape after giving birth or breastfeed then there are plenty of opportunities since ‘Echoes’ only has ten episodes written so far; seven more than required by production companies.

Michelle Monaghan to cast as Identical Twins in “Echoes” Limited Series!

There is no confirmation yet on whether Michelle will have a different name and backstory from her namesake in the film or not, but actress Michelle Monaghan has revealed that she would like to see this happen! “I think because my character is based on me and I am playing myself as well as someone else,” Michelle said at our exclusive interview with her sister Michelle last week, “[it] would make for some interesting storytelling.”

Michelle Monaghan to Play Identical Twins in Netflix Thriller Series Echoes


The best part about having two identical twins play identically named characters? The complexity that comes when you consider how each twin sees events; while one may experience something different; the other may not! Michelle Monaghan, an actress known for movies; such as Source Code and Mission Impossible III; is set to star in “Echoes,” a limited series; that tells one story from two perspectives.

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We love Michelle’s take on how this project; will be different than others; she has done before: “I don’t think I have ever played twins like this where it’s totally separate stories.” With Michelle playing identical twin sisters living at opposite ends of their lives, we can only imagine what kind of twists they’ll encounter along the way.

Echoes Plot Summary

Michelle Monaghan plays identical twin sisters living in different places on opposite ends of their lives. Leni is a successful lawyer and struggling single mother; while Gina resides with her husband and teenage son; in the family’s upstate New York home.

Leni’s world quickly unravels when she finds out that Gina has disappeared without warning to an unknown location leaving only fragments behind as clues for what might have happened to her sister or why? The search for answers leads them both far from everything they know but also brings them closer together than ever before.

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