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Creepshow season 3: Release Date, Potential Plot Details, And Cast Updates!

creepshow season 2

Creepshow season 3 is finally coming to a screen near you! Creepshow season 3 release date, Plot Details, and cast updates are all here for your reading pleasure. Season 1 and 2 were both phenomenal television series that brought horror legends together in one show. Creepshow has been around since the ’70s and this new Creepshow will be no exception.

About the Series “Creepshow”

Creepshow season is a horror anthology series that originally aired on HBO in Spetember 2019. Creepshow brings together elements of the old Creepshow movies and new Creepshows with gobsmacking effects in this unparalleled television event. The Creepshow was created by Christopher Drake. Creepshow is rated TV-MA. Creepshow’s first season consists of five episodes that will be released in September 2019.

Renewal Status for Creepshow Season 3

The Creepshow was renewed for a third season on February 18, 2021. Additionally, Chris Drake spoke at New York Comic Con about how he would like to do some episodes where they revisit all the old horror legends from past shows who have passed away since then – such as Vincent Price or Peter Cushing – so we could see them one last time.

Creepshow Season 3 Release Date Speculations

There isn’t a release date for Creepshow season three yet but we can look forward to it coming out sometime next year! The third Creepshow series has been confirmed. But its release date should follow the pattern set by Creepshows one and two, which were both released annually. The second Creepshow series; was originally planned as a limited miniseries; with six parts total, so there are four more spaces for future seasons if needed.


Creepshow’s first two seasons consisted of five episodes each, which means the Creepshow will most likely have another ten-episode order with some being double-length and others half-length episodes. The date that Creepshow’s new season’s release is unknown as it has not been announced yet by HBO but we can assume they would air it after all the other fall shows are finished airing on October 2022.

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Plot Ideas For Creepshow’s Third Season

The Creep returns to earth for one more chance at life in this season of Creepshow. This time, the Creep is a refugee with an ax-wielding henchman who kidnaps and tortures people (including children) until they find out where his girlfriend ran off to after she left him when he was dying of cancer. If you like horror movies that are gruesome enough without being overly gory, then Creepshow may be perfect for your Halloween viewing.

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Several plot ideas could be used for this season including one where people who died and were cremated are coming back to life and want their ashes returned, or Creepshow could be about a stalker who goes after the CEO of Creepshow.

Arguably Creepshow’s most famous episode is “The Crate,” which was written by Stephen King specifically for the show. It tells the story of a man who finds himself in an old abandoned warehouse where he encounters crates full of body parts that have been chopped up into small pieces, with some having faces attached. He eventually realizes that his wife has had her organs harvested for when she died from cancer and once this realization hits him he begins screaming out in horror as we see all these various body parts around him suddenly come alive!

Potential Spin-Offs and Twists in Creepshow Season 3

The Creepshow season one and two directors (John Harrison) and actors (Zahf Paroo, Robert Loggia) are all confirmed not to return for Creepshow season three. Creepshow season three is set to be directed by Creepshow veteran director, Steve De Jarnatt. Creepshow producers (Charles Kaufman and Max Rosenberg) are hesitant about the Creepshow hiatus in fear of losing fans but remain optimistic for future seasons.


Cast and Characters Updates on Creepshow Season 3

We’ve heard that there may be some familiar faces returning for the third installment of Creepshow. Reportedly cast members to include Giancarlo Esposito who played Richard in Creepshow I and Creep II as well as one other role so far unknown; Adrienne Barbeau who starred in Season One Episode Two “Cool Air” among others; Ted Danson; Jamie Lee Curtis; and John Astin, who played the Creep.

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Some of the confirmed names for Season 3 are:

  • Adrienne Barbeau
  •  David Arquette
  • Tobin Bell
  • Giancarlo Esposito
  •  Dana Gould
  •  Bruce Davison
  •  Tricia Helfer
  • DJ Qualls
  • Jeffrey Combs

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