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Latest Updates: Victoria Cartagena In Batwoman Season 3!

victoria in batwoman season 3

Fans of Batwoman rejoice! Victoria Cartagena has been confirmed to play Renee Montoya in season 3. The show will be based on the comic series and is set to air in 2021. This means that we have a lot of time left before we see Victoria’s character, but it also leaves us with many questions. In this blog post, we will answer some common questions about Victoria Cartagena joining the cast of Batwoman Season 3, as well as speculate on what her role may entail for future seasons.

About the Series “Batwoman”

Batwoman is a superhero who has the power to heal herself and can fly. She also has an arsenal of weapons at her disposal, which include kali sticks (which act as guns), bolas made from chain links with weights on the ends (to tie up enemies), and shuriken stars made out of various materials she finds around Gotham City. The show will be based on a comic series written by JH Williams III where Kate Kane’s father was killed in front of her when she was young. As such, Batwoman hates crime and wants to clean it up using lethal means if necessary.

Batwoman Season 3 Renewal Status

Batwoman Season One aired on The CW between October and December of 2018. However, after the amazing reviews and ratings for Batwoman Season 2, Season 3 was almost confirmed. This news became official on February 3, 2021, when CW officially announced that there will be a Season 3 for the Series.

Release Date for Batwoman Season 3

On June 15, 2021, Batwoman Season three was confirmed by showrunner Caroline Dries. The release date for the first episode is scheduled to be on October 13th of this year.


Batwoman Season 3 Plot Synopsis

An early synopsis for the show revealed that it would follow Gotham City’s vigilantes as they fight crime with some people feeling like Batman isn’t doing enough to help his city. In other words, this means we might see Barbara Gordon also making an appearance on “Batwoman.”

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The finale will be a two-night event with the first episode airing on October 13th. The synopsis for this part of the season is that “Kate Kane’s quest to stop Gotham City from descending into chaos takes her through secret labs, dark streets, and even darker allies.”

Victoria Cartagena in Batwoman Season 3!

Victoria wrote: ‘It’s been an honor to work with such talented people on this TV adaptation !!! Thank you for letting me collaborate !’

Victoria Cartagena in Batwoman Season 3

Victoria Cartagena is coming back for Season Three! Victoria plays Detective Renee Montoya who has appeared in multiple Batman comics throughout the years. In “Batwoman”, Victoria played Victoria Knox aka Alice one of the show’s villains with hopes of taking Gotham City down from within. She’ll return this next season as Detective Renee Montoya alongside Ruby Rose playing Batwoman/Kate Kane.”(Deadline Hollywood).

Who is Victoria Cartagena Playing?

Victoria will play Renee Montoya in Season three of Batwoman. You may remember Renee from the live-action show Gotham, where she was played by Victoria Kane Most notably, she has been a detective and partner to James Gordon throughout his career at GCPD before retiring early to pursue her own personal goals of social justice.


What Will Her Role Be?

We can’t know for sure what Victoria’s role will be; until we see more footage or read spoilers. But it appears as though she’ll have some type of mentor role; with Kate Kane/Batwoman. It makes sense; that this would happen; since both characters had mentors; who were detectives when they first started on the force. Victoria could be a mentor to Kate in the sense that she has been through what Kate experiences on her own journey such as being accepted at work, gaining friends, and losing loved ones.

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Cast and Characters for Batwoman 3

The cast for the series consists of some big names. Some actors will be reprising their roles from the previous seasons as well. The actors have a great deal of competition as they are often compared to the extravagant cast of DC. Therefore, most of these actors put in a lot of training and hard work to bring out the character they have been assigned.

Some of the main leads are listed below:

  • Victoria Cartagena plays Renee Montoya
  • Robin Givens plays Jada Jet
  • Javicia Leslie plays Ryan Wilder/Batwoman
  • Meagan Tandy plays Sophie Moore
  • Rachel Skarsten plays Beth Kane/Alice
  • Nicole Kang plays Mary Hamilton

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