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Locke And The Key Season 2: What We Can Expect?

Locke And The Key sEASON 2

Netflix has announced that the second season of Locke and Key is set to be released in October. After research for media streaming was done, they decided on Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know so far:

Locke And The Key Season 2 Release Date Details:

Locke & Key was an acclaimed show that is set to return for a second season in October 2021. Filming for the second season of Orange Is the New Black started in September 2020.

Locke and Key season 2 will be coming to Netflix at the end of this year, the company has already said yes for the third season. Filming is currently being done, it’s expected to come out in 2022 or latest.

Locke And The Key Season 2 Cast Details:

The cast says they want to come back for the next season are as follows:

  • Darby Stanchfield as Nina
  • Emilia Jones as Kinsey
  • Connor Jessup as Tyler
  • Jackson Robert Scott as Bode
  • Sherri Saum as Ellie
  • Layla De Oliveira as Dodge’s villain
Locke and Key could be renewed for season 2 this week

Source: Netflix

Season two will include Brendan Hines. The show, which is an Outreach Society Production and co-produced by Kim Shaw and Jennifer Cecil.

Locke And The Key Story Details:

A young man unlocks his family’s ancestral home, finding a seemingly normal house with an ominous keyhole in the door. Inside Locke House is evil that wants to take him over and turn him into its heir. His ultimate destiny may already be lost unless he can destroy the house–or unlock its frightening secrets.

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Locke House was built long ago by the Locke family. The patriarch of the Locke family found it while fleeing persecution and named it after himself. His sons build a new house for themselves nearby, but when they die, their wives live with him in this home rather than move into her husband’s property as is traditional at the time.

It’s not revealed why exactly Locke House is so evil- until you read further into the Locke and Key series, after which it becomes clear. The Lockes who came before were all focused on capturing wayward demons by imprisoning them within metal vessels and then trapping them at Locke’s house. When they had to return, the captured demon didn’t want to leave.

As a result, in many ways, the home was its own prison as well (a “jail” for demons). There are also reasons as to why it kept being passed down through generations of Lockes (it really is where they came from). Key is the fundamental character of the mystery “Locke and The Key”. There are demons who represent themselves in each room: Glenna, Timothy, and Isaac.


Not all these evil entities originate from Locke House, however. In the first season of Locke and Key, Black Rose Society members create a demon named Locke within what is now called Lock House. That demon was sealed with 4 other demons in Lock House after their defeat had been deemed impossible.

Some members of Locke’s family knew about Locke’s true nature and understood its potential. They did not live in “Locke” again after the first generation unless they were also able to create keys.

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Locke was created through the collaboration of multiple people, but these Locke heirs were largely unaware of their situation. The ending implies that a new generation will soon take its place so that the portal to Hell can be opened.

There have been discussions on the internet discussing if Lillian or Tyler could have hidden something other than keys in Locke from Key’s knowledge – but both Key and Suede say there is no other thing in Locke that people can use to open the box as of now.


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