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A Lisey’s Story Season 2: Find Out What Happens Next For The Second Season

A Lisey's Story Season 2

“Will there be a Lisey’s Story Season 2?” Here is everything we know so far. The Apple TV series, adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name, is seen as one of his best books by many and an adaptation for modern audiences. Lisey’s Story begins two years after Lisey has lost her husband. As she packs his office in the converted barn, she uncovers memories long forgotten.

One of the first memories Lisey has is when she met Bonyan. Specifically, their interactions around Boo’ya Moon Castle. As she slowly realizes what has been going on with her husband’s unpublished manuscripts, Lisey also has to contend with Jim Dooley who believes that she is hoarding them. Lisey recalls that on her first reading the journals provided insight into how much pain he was in before his death, though she doesn’t want him to know this.

Stephen King’s novel adaptation Lisey’s Story also deals with more complex themes such as grief, genius vs. insanity, and grappling with mental illness. So will there be a season 2?

A Lisey’s Story Season 2 Renewal and Release Date Details:

To date, the second season of “Lisey’s Story” has not yet been renewed. Initially, it was conceptualized and executed as a self-contained miniseries, which means that it covered the entire novel, leaving little room for another season. Now, Hollywood is even more uncertain about a second season.


Reviews for the limited series were mixed, but if Apple sees enough of an audience for Lisey’s Story and supports a second season, it could happen. Information about the release date for season 2 of A Lisey’s Story is unavailable. Filming began in October 2019 before the Covid pandemic stranded production, with Julianne Moore confirming they wrapped up filming in September 2020.

Will There Be A Lisey's Story Season 2? Everything We Know

Source: Screen

That means it was at least nine months ago since they started post-production work, most likely before the studio shut down. If Apple renews the show, it will likely happen within a couple of months. We won’t be able to see Lisey’s Story Season 2 until mid-2023, depending on shooting schedules and actor availability.

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A Lisey’s Story Season 2 Cast Details:

If A Lisey’s Story season 2 should happen, the possible star-cast which is likely to appear are:

  • Julianne Moore as Lisey
  • Joan Allen as Amanda
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Darla.
  • Clive Owen as Scott Landon
  • Dane DeHaan as Jim Dooley
  • Ron Cephas Jones as Professor Roger Dashmiel

A Lisey’s Story Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

Given that the first season covered all material from Stephen King’s novel, any story in this second season would be new. Still, there are many directions to take this show if it were renewed for a third season.

When the Lisey at the center of a Lisey’s Story season 1 suffered as many losses as she did, it was difficult for anyone to maintain their sanity. That said, had her grief been fully healed by the end of that limited series (and there’s no definitive evidence suggesting otherwise) who knows what might happen next?

The Debusher sisters’ relationship was also one of the most interesting dynamics in the show, with their love rooted in deep distrust and dysfunction; but despite all that, it clearly comes from a place of strong emotion.


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