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The French Horror movie “The Swarm” To Have A Netflix Release – Everything We Know So Far!

The Swarm

Netflix has acquired The Swarm, one of the most popular French horror movies in recent years. The film is set to release on Netflix this year and will be available in all territories that have access to the streaming site.

The French Horror movie “The Swarm” is coming to Netflix! We’ll take a look at what we know about The Swarm so far including its cast, plot, and when it might hit our screens.

About the movie “The Swarm”

It is directed by Just Philippot.

The Swarm is a horror movie about giant killer bees. The story follows a group of friends who reunite for their class reunion party when they are attacked by the army of killer bees swarming like never before seen!


What’s it called? The film has been released in France and other countries under the name “The Swarm.” In English-speaking territories, Netflix will be releasing the film with an alternative title: Killer Bees!.

The Swarm Netflix Release Date Announcement

The Swarm’s release date announcement was revealed via the official Facebook page. The film will be available to Netflix subscribers this year and will be available in all territories that have access to the streaming site.

The Swarm Netflix Release Date is August 6th, 2021.

Netflix Trailer for “The Swarm”

The trailer for The Swarm was released on July 11th. The footage shows the protagonist, Mathilde, in her apartment with what appears to be an uninvited guest: a swarm of bees.


Movies are set up as “chapters” and each chapter is about fifteen minutes long. The trailer gives us some insight into how these chapters will play out – most notably, that we can expect plenty of twists, jumpscares, and jump-cuts!

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“The Swarm” Plot Synopsis

The Swarm is a French horror film; that tells the story of Virginie, an artist; who suffers from violent nightmares; in which she sees her family and friends die. The more these dreams haunt her, the less like herself; she becomes as they start to bleed; into reality. Her boyfriend Gabriel; joins forces with his brother Dylan; to find out what’s going on; so they can stop it before it destroys; their lives too.

The protagonist has visions of people dying around them by bees attacking them or being killed (in one scene a man kills himself). Virginie, a young woman who lives in the French countryside with her father. The film starts slow as it shows Mathilde’s daily life: going to work, cooking dinner for herself and her dad, taking care of the house.

What can we expect from the movie?

The film; The Swarm is one of the first horror movies; in a long time to be shot from a female perspective.

Netflix Drops Trailer for Creepy French Horror Film The Swarm – InstaBumper


The plot centers around two girls; who visit their grandmother’s house; for vacation only to find out that she has been dead for some time now. They also discover The Swarm, an ancient evil that was accidentally released by them when they touched grandma’s urn while looking at her old bedroom closet on the second floor of the house.

The movie will not just scare viewers but will also touch you emotionally with its story about family ties and love between mothers and daughters.

Cast and Characters Guide for “The Swarm”

There are many amazing french actors in the movie. The Swarm is one of the most famous French movies, and of the reasons being its amazing cast who worked really hard to add a lot of character and emotion to the film.

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Some of the main leads of the film are:

  • Suliane Brahim as Virginie Hébrard
  • Sofian Khammes as Karim
  • Raphael Romand as Gaston Hébrard
  • Stephen Castang as Eleveur 1
  • Victor Bonnel as Kévin
  • Christian Bouillette as Duvivier
  • Renan Prévot as Luc

Will “The Swarm” be worth watching?

The critics have great reviews of The Swarm. The storyline is really good and it’s a movie that will keep you on your toes the entire time, despite its low budget. The actors did an amazing job portraying their characters and add to the fun of watching this film. There are some unexpected moments so there’ll definitely be some suspenseful scenes where you’re not sure what’s coming next. The movie also tackles family ties and love between mothers and daughters which is something we can all relate to in one way or another!

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