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Beastars Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Other Details

Beastars season 3

Beastars is back with Season 3, and we have all the details! Beastars is a Japanese anime series about anthropomorphic animals. It follows Riku Hasegawa as he tries to find his way in life after being kicked out of school. The show has been praised by critics for its exploration of themes such as bullying and suicide – so be sure to check it out if you want something that’s both entertaining and thoughtful!

Beastars Season 3 Release Date Details:

Beastars has not yet been renewed for season two, with an announcement in the weeks following the release of season one. However, please note that if Beastars is renewed – which it likely will be given the show’s popularity – then a mid-2022 Japanese release date is most likely.

Beastars Season 3 Release Date, Characters, And Plot - What We Know So Far


Anime Beastars premiered its first season in October 2019 and the second will air through May 2022. Fans of Studio Orange may have another sequel in mind for a release before 2023.

Beastars Season 3 Cast Details:

  • Jonah Scott as Legoshi
  • Griffin Puatu as Louis
  • Lara Jill Miller as Haru
  • Kaiji Tang as Bill
  • Ben Diskin as Jack
  • Daman Mills as Kai
  • Erika Harlacher as Els

Beastars Season 3 Plot Synopsis:

Beastars is a story set in an alternate world where the animals that look like humans are divided by what they eat. Beastars Season 3 follows the conflict between carnivores and herbivores that erupts after a predation incident led to the death of Tem, a classmate from Cherryton Academy’s drama club.

At first, no one suspects the beast but eventually, Legos, who has been feared since birth as an allegedly dangerous wolf in the stage crew decided to pose as a lookout duty.

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Beastars is releasing a new season that will likely follow the Interspecies Relations arc of the manga, which sees Legoshi struggling with his role as a carnivore. The season will see him announce his plans to quit school and begin living on his own in the wild, straining relationships with Haru (who has begun her university studies), and Legoshi.


Louis will also be attending university, but he continues to clash with his father’s wishes. There are likely several new characters in the third season of Beastars as well – if they show is faithful to the anime or manga Legoshi will reunite with his Komodo Dragon grandfather Gosha and may even run into Sublime Beastar villain Yayha.

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