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Jennifer Carpenter’s Role In Dexter’s Revival


Showtime has confirmed Jennifer Carpenter as returning for the “Dexter” limited-series revival.

Jennifer Carpenter played Deb Morgan in the original Dexter series, which ran for eight seasons from 2006 to 2013. Jennifer Carpenter, who got her start playing Dexter Morgan’s sister on Showtime’s popular series, has joined the new season of NBC’s. But there is no confirmation yet on whether she will reprise the role that famously led to her character’s death in the show’s series finale.

Jennifer Carpenter’s Role In Dexter’s Revival

Michael C. Hall returns to the titular role for the upcoming 10-episode revival of “Dexter,” which is currently in production and set to premiere on September 30th on CBS.

The show’s primary villain Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown) was cast in January. He is the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake and won’t be friendly to those who cross him.

Why Jennifer Carpenter's Casting In The Dexter Revival Has Fans' Eyebrows  Raised


“Dexter” established Showtime during its prime, and the upcoming series was announced to a public eager for more. “On average, more than three million viewers tuned in to see ‘Dexter’ not very long after the show premiered on TV,” she added. “This surely helped put Showtime on the map.”

Other Updates

“I am happy to report that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have found the creative take we were looking for, so we will be reprising the role of Dexter in this all-new series!”

“Dexter” will be executive produced by Phillips and Hall of Showtime, Goldwyn, Colleton, Carroccio, and Reynolds. Showtime announced plans for a new season of “Dexter,” the Emmy-winning show about a serial killer with an understanding superior,. in late November.

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“Maintaining the original show’s core values, this new season will see Dexter Morgan return to work as a blood-spatter analyst at Miami Metro Police Department and try to lead a ‘normal life despite being surrounded by murder,” Showtime said in its announcement.

Jennifer Carpenter also announced her involvement through Twitter: “Cannot wait! It is an honor & my pleasure to be invited back into the fold.”


The Hollywood Reporter first reported Wednesday night that CBS had passed on reviving their

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