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Disney+ Cancels Al Jean Comedy: The Critic Season 3

The critic Season 3

Disney+ has officially canceled Al Jean’s The Critic series for a third season. The show, which was created by Jean and produced by 20th Century Fox Television, aired on ABC back in 1994-1995. It followed the life of Jay Sherman (Jon Lovitz), an extremely opinionated movie critic who is often mocked by his peers because of this trait. His reviews are usually spot on though, so people tend to listen to him despite their own opinions about him personally.

Will The Critic Season 3 Happen?

The Critic creator, Al Jean, spilled the beans regarding why his short-lived cult-favorite comedy series won’t be getting a season 3. Hailing from Jean and fellow Simpsons writer/producer, Mike Reiss, Carradine stars as Jay Sherman and reviews films.

Humble Pie and Fried Bananas: Figuring out why The Critic is getting overlooked. Initially debuting to mixed reviews when it first aired in 1994, the long-running showrunner of The Simpsons recently stood up for this show not receiving another season.

The series starred Jon Lovitz and featured a cast of iconic voice actors, including The Simpsons’ Nancy Cartwright, Rugrats’ Christine Cavanaugh, Animaniacs and Pinky, and the Brain’s Maurice LaMarche.


Other Details To Know

After 20 years of dormancy, a new season of The Critic is officially impossible with Disney+, after just one season on the streaming service.

According to Jean, there are no plans for a third season on Disney+. When the conversation turned to revive The Critic at the streaming platform, Jean revealed that a season 3 can’t happen there due to a different studio owning the character and a modern-day world where film critics don’t exist as an entity anymore.

The Critic" (TV Series) Review - ReelRundown


From a business perspective, Jean’s comments make sense. Most TV studios these days prefer to stay in-house rather than partnering with other studios. With Disney’s purchase of Fox year ago, the company now has access to many titles from 20th Century Television including The Simpsons and Solar Opposites.

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Though it has been far too long since Disney+ completed its second season of The Critic, there hasn’t been enough incentive for the House of Mouse to pursue a third season.

Critic Al Jean does an intelligent analysis of the modern-day world and how it differs from his comedy series. Though YouTube has helped keep hosted review programs alive, as the world population increases, fewer people are interested in a profession that may only be successful with much luck. But excited viewers can look forward to planned crossover comedy shorts that will air on Disney+.


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