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“The Tomorrow War 2” Casts Chris Pratt – All Latest News

Tomorrow war 2

The Tomorrow War 2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit the tomorrow war which grossed over $4 billion worldwide has announced the casting of Chris Pratt as the lead protagonist. The film is slated for release in 2025.

Chris Pratt will be seen playing the role of Jack Hammond who was last seen in 2034 before he disappeared from public life and mysteriously vanished without a trace.

About the movie “The Tomorrow War”

The Tomorrow War is the story of the post-apocalyptic battle between the world’s two most powerful warring factions. The film stars Chris Pratt who plays the role of Jack Hammond, a man with an extraordinary gift to see the future through his dreams.

“The Tomorrow War 2” Renewal Status

The Tomorrow War: the sequel is currently in the writing stages. The script was written by the film’s director, Brendan Fraser, and will be released in 2025.


Release Date: Not known (but no release expected before 2023)

“The Tomorrow War” Plot Summary

The story of “The Tomorrow War” begins in the year 2034, six years after the invasion. The world has been ravaged by nuclear and chemical warfare for over a decade with no end to the fighting in sight.

The last remaining superpower, China and her allies have taken control of North America while Russia controls Europe from behind the borders they set up when NATO disintegrated. Now, all that stands between peace is one man – Jack Hammond (Chris Pratt) who refuses to let his nation go down without fighting for it. Determined as he may be, can he really save an entire country single-handedly?

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This is not just about winning or losing anymore; this is about preserving what little remains of humanity’s dignity against the tyranny of the Chinese.


Potential Plot for “The Tomorrow War 2”

The Tomorrow War is the sequel to the award-winning The Tomorrow War. It will be the third film directed by Joss Whedon and starring Chris Pratt as the lead character of Camus.

The Tomorrow War 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far


This story takes place seventy years after the events in the first movie. With a robotic race; called Mimics; taking over Earth’s resources. And turning humans into slaves. But there are pockets of people; that fight back. And have found ways to attack them; while staying hidden; from their detection technologies. These groups include those led by General Damon; (Chris Pratt) whose children were taken away; when they tried to protect themselves against these invaders; only for his wife Helen (Jennifer Lawrence) was killed during the process.

Chris Pratt in “The Tomorrow War 2”

Jack has been living in exile for over twenty years since he witnessed the assassination of America’s president and was forced into hiding by the government who branded him a threat to national security. In 2034 he mysteriously disappears from public life without a trace taking away any chance for peace talks or negotiations. As both sides prepare themselves for what appears as inevitable World War III, Jack finds himself at ground zero when the first shots are fired – but will there be anyone left alive.

“The Tomorrow War 2” Cast Speculations

A glimpse of who could be seen in the movie sequel:

  • Chris Pratt
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Patton Oswald
  • Patton Oswald
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In the latest news video, it was confirmed that the second installment of the “Tomorrow War” will feature more actors from the first installment. This includes comedians such as Patton Oswald and Patton Oswald who are set to reprise their roles for the sequel.

Other cast members include actress Melissa McCarthy in an undisclosed role but are speculated to be playing a new character or one from the original film’s past.


As with the previous film which grossed $150 million worldwide at the box office, this quick glimpse into the sequel also shows the same tongue-in-cheek humor the original film had.

Will the movie be worth watching?

The sequel will have a new director in the form of Ben Wheatley which could affect the quality and direction of the film.

There has been no word yet on what the story would center around but it’s safe to say that Chris Pratt set for the lead role would make this an interesting watch.

Hollywood sequels are often terrible so don’t get your hopes up too much; however, if you enjoyed “Tomorrow War” then this sequel might just be worth checking out!


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