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Moonhaven: Release Date Updates, Plot Speculations, Casting News, And Spoilers!


What is Moonhaven? That’s the question on everybody’s minds. Well, we’re not sure just yet, but we do know that it’s a new show coming to AMC! There are many speculations about what this show will be like and when exactly it will air. As always, however, our favorite source of moon-related news has got you covered with all the latest updates for your moon crazies out there!

About the Series “Moonhaven”

We don’t know much about the plot or release date for “Moonhaven” right now. What we do know is that they are expecting a full season sometime in 2023 with many more episodes after that. There isn’t any confirmed information on who will star as well as when production began, so until then enjoy speculating with us over how awesome this series could potentially turn out to be.

Release Date Updates and News

In moon news today, we’re excited to announce that the series “Moonhaven” by Steven Moffat will air in 2023! We’ll have any more updates; for you as soon as they come in; so make sure you stay tuned to our blog; for more moon madness!

The release is delayed due to many factors, scouting for new locations, coronavirus delayed, actors not being completely free, people from the crew falling sick. After many efforts and searching scouting processes; the team has finally set their sets and is under production and filming scenarios.


Potential Storyline for the Series “Moonhavens”

The story tells about how moon people live on earth, how they feel when they are living so far away from the moon, their battle with other tribes of moon people who want to take over their territory or even kill them for revenge; sometimes Moonhaven will show us scenes of what life would be like if we lived on the moon as well.

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Rachel Moon wakes up from cryosleep in one last-ditch attempt to find survivors. So far there have been no signs of life anywhere within range. With only two days left before their oxygen runs out, they take one final look before heading home.

Suddenly, there are readings from a moon base on the radar. The moon people who have been living in secret all this time must now come out of hiding and prepare for war with those that wish to destroy or take over their territory.

The series is set within Rachel’s family; she has an autistic son, Marcus Moon, and his two best friends: Lucy Jupiter and Luke Saturn (who also happen to be moon kids). They are going about their daily lives until they find themselves thrust into adventure as well as battle against other moon tribes when a new threat surfaces – one that threatens not only them but everyone around them!


Other Potential Storyline

The moon has only been habitable since 2054 when a group of settlers left Earth to escape an overpopulated planet. In this futuristic world where humans still eat each other’s flesh as food (called “meat”), society requires two types of citizens – blanks who work on the moon’s surface harvesting energy from solar rays while wearing moon suits that protect them against radiation; and high-ends who live comfortably inside their domed moon city and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

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It has been a year since the moon was abandoned as humans left for Earth, but it wasn’t until 2059 when most had returned that they discovered people were being hunted on the moon by other tribes who wanted to claim its resources.

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Possible Castings for the Series

  • Catherine Tate as Rachel Moon – One of the protagonist’s mother figures and leader of the moon colony group
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as David Sunflower – A doctor and also one of the main protagonist’s fathers figures
  • James Corden as Gavin Sunshine – The son born between two different cultures; with a strange relationship with his parents; which he doesn’t quite understand. But still loves him unconditionally despite everything that happens around him
  • Rob Lowe as James Moon – A moon settler who is a bit over-protective of his family and has been living on the moon for many years
  • Reese Witherspoon as Rebecca Wallflower – Gavin’s mother, wife to David Sunflower
  • Dakota Fanning as Lena Sunshine – The daughter born between two different cultures with an even stranger relationship with her parents which she doesn’t quite understand but still loves unconditionally despite everything that happens around her

Will the Series “Moonhaven” be worth watching?

Only time will tell.

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