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“The Old Ways” Movie To Debut On Netflix – Everything we know so far!

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The Netflix original movie “The Old Ways” will debut on the streaming service this August. This is the first time the film has been seen in the US, and it features a cast of Hollywood’s most talented actors including Andrea Cortés, Julia Vera, Weston Meredith, and Sal Lopez. In this article, we’ll take you through everything we know about the release – from the plot to who’s in the cast!

About the movie “The Old Ways”

“The Old Ways” is a story about the power of people’s love and the endurance of the human spirit. It follows the journey from Mexico to the U.S. As two Mexican immigrants, Santiago (Andrea Cortés) and Valeria (Julia Vera), struggle against all odds; for their dream in America. They endure family separation, violence at the border, deportation by ICE agents; and even death threats; that send them into hiding; to reunite with their son; Pedro who has been left in Monterrey, México.

When they finally cross back over the border without papers after three years apart – risking everything once again – they are faced with one last obstacle: crossing an increasingly hostile terrain where the U.S. is the deadliest place in the world for migrants, on foot and without water or food.

“The Old Ways” Netflix Release Date

“The Old Ways” the Movie to Debut on Netflix on 5th August 2021.


Netflix has announced an official release date for The Old Ways movie that stars some big names from Hollywood but it’s likely slated for sometime later this year. Keep your eyes peeled because the release date for the film is expected to be announced soon.

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Netflix Teases Plot of “The Old Ways” Movie

Great news if you’re a fan of Netflix movies – the streaming giant has just released the upcoming release date and plot synopsis for their new flick, The Old Ways!

The Old Ways Review - Glasgow FrightFest 2021 - HeyUGuys


It seems the movie will be based on the book of the same name, which is about an Inuit man who sets out to find a lost tribe before the onset of winter. The film’s synopsis reads as follows: “An expedition into the Arctic Circle in search of one’s cultural roots.”

Netflix does not typically classify its movies like the horror genre, but the book the film is based on was originally published in 1978. So the movie may have a bit of an eerie feel to it!

Can I watch the trailer?

A release date for the movie has yet to be announced – so unfortunately there’s no official video available just yet. Let us know if you want to see one and we’ll post when Netflix releases more information about this feature-length project!


Cast and Characters for “The Old Ways”

The movie has a set of amazing actors. The list is given below:

  • Brigitte Kali Canales as Cristina
  • Elizabeth Phoenix Caro as Young Cristina
  • Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Cristina’s Mother
  • Sal Lopez as Javi
  • AJ Bowen as Carson
  • Andrea Cortés as Miranda
  • Julia Vera as Luz
  • Weston Meredith as Postehki

Frequently Asked Questions about the movie “The Old Ways”

What are the ratings and reviews of the movie?

The movie has a rating of PG-13. It is not yet rated by the MPAA for the U.S., but it’s gonna have a 15+ rating in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. The reviews are positive so far!

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Reviews from IMDB: What do the reviews say about the old ways movie? They’re great so far with an overall score of 88% across all audiences. Here are some quotes from verified users on IMDb who really enjoyed the film.

“The Old Ways is an amazing movie, the acting was great and the setting in the world of Mexico’s drug cartels just made it more chilling.” – Joao Chelo

“I really enjoyed this thriller because from the first scene I can’t stop watching without wanting to know what happens next. The story has a lot of suspense that even keeps me on my seat with anxiety waiting for the outcome.” – Jose L. Mota


Will the movie be worth watching?

The Old Ways movie trailer is a must-watch for the Netflix originals team, it seems. It’s got the perfect setting and an interesting plotline that will make you want to see more!

Now the question remains: Will the film be worth watching? From what we’ve seen so far, in the trailers and clips released on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, the answer is YES.

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