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“Stranger Things Season 4” Reveals Hopper Secret – Everything We Know so Far!

Stranger Things season 4

It’s been a long wait, but Stranger Things season 4 has finally revealed what happened to Hopper! Stranger Things season 3 ended with the Shadow Monster vacating Hawkins Lab and taking Eleven. Will Stranger Things Season 4 reveal how the gang is going to save her? We’ve got everything that you need to know about Stranger Things Season 4 so far!

About the Series “Stranger Things”

” Stranger Things ” is a Netflix series that was released in 2016, and set in the 1980s. It tells of the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and how his friends tried to find him while also looking for their lost friend, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Stranger Things has had 3 successful seasons so far – Stranger Things season one, two, and Stranger things season three. In Stranger Things Season three, it left off with the Shadow Monster vacating Hawkins Lab, taking Eleven as they go into another dimension. As we know from previous seasons there are many dimensions out there!

Stranger Things Season 4 Will Reveal More About the Mysterious Boxes in Hopper's Attic - IGN


Stranger Things Season 4 Renewal Status

It has been confirmed by Stranger Things showrunner, Shawn Levy that Stranger Things season four will be released in 2022. Production time is still unknown at this point but it should take place in summer 2022 and the filming will last for about six months or so.

Release Date Speculations for Stranger Things Season 4

It is still unknown when Stranger Things season four will be released but we have a few predictions to share with you.

Stranger Thing Season Four Release Date Prediction One – Stranger Things Season Three (Series) Was Released on July 12, 2019, and Stranger things season three had an 18-month gap between the airing of seasons two and three. The next episode might not air until September 2021 or even 2022 which would give them enough time to release Stranger Things season four in 2022.


Stranger Thing Season Four Release Date Prediction Two – Many other showrunners wait one year before releasing their series again after it has been off-air for eighteen months so this could mean they won’t start filming until September 2021 meaning there will be a Stranger Things Season Four release date in 2022.

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The major prediction is that the series will release its season 4 in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Plot Details for Season 4

Stranger Things season four might be set in 1985, the year after Stranger Things: Season Three. The government has been experimenting on Eleven with drugs and electricity to find out how her powers work. Hopper is still Chief of Hawkins Police Department. Joyce Byers is working as a school teacher; while Will’s whereabouts are unknown.

Max turns 13 years old; by December 31st and it looks like she’s becoming interested in boys; now too! Dustin met an interesting new character; at summer camp; named D’artagnan; who helps him discover his power abilities; even more than he already did last season; when he was battling Dart – Elle Bishop’s evil brother; from Stranger Stuff Season One. Meanwhile, Steve Harrington goes back to college for two semesters before going back to Stranger Things when he gets the call from D’artagnan telling him about Max’s Birthday party.


What is the Hopper Secret?

The Stranger Things Season Four teaser trailer reveals where Hopper has been hiding this whole time. In the Stranger Stuff season four preview, we see Joyce and Hopper sitting on a porch swing in her front yard. While they are speaking to each other, an unknown creature runs past them into the darkness surrounding their house – probably stalking prey from afar before it pounces towards its unsuspecting victim.

Hopper is seen wearing his sheriff uniform so he appears to be back at work now too after leaving Hawkins Lab for six months or so following Eleven’s disappearance during Stranger Stuffs Season Three finale episode “The Battle of Starcourt.” But what could have happened that would make him disappear for that long?

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