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Marko Zaror To Play The Villain In “John Wick 4” Know Everything Here

John Wick 4

In a recent interview, Marko Zaror confirms that he will be playing the villain in “John Wick 4”. Marko also shares with us his thoughts on the John Wick franchise and reveals some exclusive updates about the plot for John Wick 4. We are excited to see Marko Zaror in this role and cannot wait for it to come out!

About the “John Wick” films

The “John Wick” films are a series of three action-thriller movies starring Keanu Reeves as John. The first movie, titled “John Wick”, was released in 2014 and had Marko Zaror playing the role of Avi alongside the lead star Keanu Reeve’s character. Marko’s second appearance in this franchise came with the release of “John Wick: Chapter Two” where he played another villainous character called Zero – an assassin who mistakenly killed one of his own men at John’s request to keep him from getting taken by Iosef Tarasov (played by Alfie Allen).

Our third installment will see Marko Zaror play yet another bad guy named Mr. Hinx! He is also said to be an assassin, but the details are still being kept under wraps.

John Wick 4 Official Release Date

All Keanu Reeves can fasten their seatbelts as the 4th installment of the movie is all set to release in 2022. However, the initial date was 21st May 2021. But due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the filming began later and all others processes were delayed too.


Therefore, the release date was shifted back. And the new official release date is 27th May 2022.

The Storyline for “John Wick” 4

The plot of “John Wick: Chapter Four” entails a fictionalized espionage story; that Marko Zaror also does not know much about; other than they are finishing up shooting with their last scene at this moment. Marko Zaror assumes there will be an epic showdown between John Wicks and himself since both he and Keanu Reeves have been busy filming for different movies lately.

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The film will be centered on the retired hitman John Wick as he engages in a battle of revenge with Marko Zaror’s character. It has been teased that it is not going to be about death and violence, but instead an exploration into what makes Wick tick.

It is also confirmed by Chad Stahelski – Director of “John Wick” that Marko will appear as Hinx in this movie. His role was originally played by Common; however, Marko who speaks Spanish had passed away so his son took over from him for one scene only.


Can we expect action scenes in the movie?

Yes, Marko is a well-known action star and so it would be natural for us to expect some.

In the first movie, there were scenes in which Marko drove a vehicle, which was not his own car but rather John Wick’s Mustang that he stole from him. The plot of this “John Wick” sequel will entail an espionage story; however, Marko Zaror does not have any knowledge about what the film holds yet as they are still currently finishing up shooting the last scene.

John Wick 4 Star Cast and Crew

  • Lance Reddick¬†as Charon
  • Marko Zaror as the villain (the name of his character is not yet known)
  • Keanu Reeves in John Wick role
  • Halle Berry and Laurence Fishburne to star alongside Marko Zaror, Keanu Reeves, and other cast members.

Marko Zaror in John Wick Chapter 4

Confirmed! 'John Wick 4' gets its villain in Marko Zaror | NewsBytes


Marko Zaror to play the villain in “John Wick” – Exclusive Updates! The actor will be playing Mr. Hinx in the third installment of the John Wick franchise! Marko Zaror’s first cameo was as Avi and later he played Zero. Marko is expected to bring a lot of action scenes with him for this role! Marko’s latest project saw him direct his own movie titled “Familia”. This film marks the second foray into directing by Marko Zaror after the 2010s hit “Kilter”.

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Will John Wick Chapter 4 be worth watching?

John Wick Chapter Four will be worth watching for Marko Zaror’s performance! Marko has a lot of experience as an actor in Hollywood and knows how to bring the best out of his fellow actors.

The movie is set five years after John Wick: Chapter Two, with Keanu Reeves’ character, retired from killing until he agrees to help a former associate who runs into trouble. The story focuses on “a bunch of different gangs all converging at once.”


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