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Big Timber Season 2: Release Date Speculations, Story Details, Cast, And Crew!

Big Timber Season 2

Big Timber Season 2 is finally coming! We can’t wait to see what happens after the big cliffhanger that left us with so many questions. When will Big Timber Season 2 be released? Who are the new characters? What will happen in season 2 of big timber?? Well, we’re going to break it down and give you all the details you need to know about big timber season two.

About the Series “Big Timber”

Big Timber is an original comedic drama created by Redeeming Elements and produced by New Century TV. The series follows the lives of big timber, a family-owned business located in one small town in rural Montana.

The story begins with big timber’s founder, Ernest “Ernie” Briggs (Michael Shanks), who has recently passed away after decades running big timber as his own personal fiefdom.

Big Timer Season 2 Renewal Status

The big timber season two renewal status is currently up in the air. The ratings for big timber are not as high as they were a year ago, but it’s still one of NBC’s most popular shows and has been renewed for next season. It was rumored that big timber would be canceled after seasons one and two due to low viewership, but this speculation turned out false when big timber’s first airing date was announced on May 14th.

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Release Date Speculations for Big Timber Season 2

There are conflicting reports on when big timber season two will release but we do know that it’s coming soon! It might be released late this year or in 2022 because there have been some hiatuses while they were filming seasons one to four. Some sources say that just like before, big timber season two will be released in November.

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The plot of “Big Timber” season 2

The plot is under wraps for big timber season two but there are some details that we know about it! The family has changed and matriarch Grammy Jean (Diane Ladd) passed away during the first series finale so that means a lot will change, including her sons Hank and Dean who now have to take care of their grandson Drew. One thing’s for sure though: big timber isn’t over yet! This show was one of Netflix’s most popular original shows when it aired on tv so we’re really excited to see what they do with big timber season two.

Big Timber Season two will be based on the big timber season one plot.

The story starts with a woman and her daughter; who is driving down an old dirt road; in their new truck to start fresh; after escaping from big city life.

Molly is trying to rebuild her relationship; with Luke, but he’s not interested. Because of his son Grayson and Molly’s ex. The townspeople find out that Molly was involved in another murder while she ran away from big city life, which brings up suspicion about why they would have been there in the first place.

Eventually, it becomes clear that Molly killed someone at a strip club when all this started so now people are wondering if she’ll do something again or if she’s really trying to change. Molly is about to give birth, and she still has her big-city life on the back of her mind until some big events happen that show Molly’s desire for a fresh start in Big Timber.


Meanwhile, Luke tries his best to get over his son Grayson because he feels like him being around will only bring up bad memories with Molly while their relationship starts to shift away from just friendship into something more romantic. He never thought this would be happening again after what happened before but now there are feelings involved that make it hard for him since he doesn’t want anything else going wrong in his life right now.

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Cast and Crew for the Series


  • Sean Cable
  • Michael Sheehan
  • Shawn Viens
  • Chris Wyatt


  • Sarah Fleming
  • Kevin Wenstob
  • Coleman Willner
  • Erik Wenstob


  • Nick Baker
  • Robert Hardy
  • Cheryl Binning
  • Stephanie Rosloski

Will “Big Timber” Season 2 be worth watching?

In our opinion, yes. Season one was a big hit among the younger crowd and this new season will be just as big if not bigger! Big Timber is full of mystery, action, and romance that all ages can enjoy. Check out the trailer for yourself below to see what you think.

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