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“On My Block” Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Cast Updates, and Story Details!

On my Blck season 5

“On My Block” has been on Netflix for three seasons now, and season four is on its way! The show follows a group of teenagers who live on the same block in South Central Los Angeles.

There are many things to look forward to this year with new cast members and storylines that will have you hooked!

About the Series “On My Block”

“On My Block” on Netflix is a show about teenagers who live on the same block in South Central Los Angeles. The story follows these kids as they navigate friendships, romance, and family dynamics on their way to adulthood. “On My Block” on Netflix has been on for three seasons so far with many more installments to come! This year there are lots of new cast members and exciting storylines that will have you hooked from episode one!

Renewal Status for Season 4 of “On My Block”

Many of us on the internet were wondering whether “On My Block” on Netflix would be renewed for a fourth season. Luckily, we got an answer on 31st January 2021 when it was announced that there will indeed be another installment coming this 2022! We are all excited to see what happens next in South Central Los Angeles with these kids growing up and maturing as they enter their high school years.


“On My Block” Season 4 Release Date Speculations

The on-demand series will premiere in March 2022 on Netflix. The new season is set to be released in six episodes and the first episode of On My Block Season Four is over an hour-long!

On My Block Season 4 - Netflix Release Date, News, Cast, Trailer & Spoilers

Source: Seventeen

“On My Block” Season 4 Plot Summary

Season four of On My Block explores how racism impacts our community through racial profiling by law enforcement officers. It also tackles gentrification issues faced by communities of color like ours. The show represents the black and brown people on our block as human beings, not caricatures. It may seem like a simple phenomenon: kids on bikes on their way home from school. But these young heroes will need more than courage to face what lies ahead of them in season four – they’ll also need your support!

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It picks up right where we left off last year – with our heroes gearing up for one showdown against a drug cartel. But when they’re outmatched by their enemy on every level, it becomes clear that winning isn’t as easy as it looks on TV… or even community college football games. To survive, these kids must risk everything and confront unthinkable truths about themselves along the way.

Cast and Characters for the Series

Many new cast members are joining On My Block this year including Josh Charles (The Good Wife), Nia Long (Empire), and Dennis Haysbert. Other familiar faces returning include Jason Genao, Sierra Capri, Jessica Marie Garcia-Perez, and Brett Gray among others. These characters join all the favorites who have been with us since day one.

The main characters to watch out in Season 4 of the show are:

  • Sierra Capri as Monsé Finnie
  • Brett Gray as Jamal Turner
  • Jason Genao as Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr.
  • Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine Flores
  • Peggy Blow as Marisol Martinez ‘Abuelita’

Will there be any star guest appearances in Season 4 of the show?

Josh Charles is on board for Season on My Block. Josh’s character, Joe Baker, will be a hedge fund manager who becomes the only white principal in West Covina High School. He also happens to have a son named Michael (who is on his way back home from Stanford). As you can imagine with this mix of characters and storylines, there are going to be some seriously tense moments during the season which promises great drama!

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Netflix released an official trailer that teases what we should expect on “On My Block” Season four but it doesn’t give away too much either.

“On My Block” Show Ratings and Reviews

The show has an average on Rotten Tomatoes of 100% with the critics. The audience on Metacritic rated it a little lower at 79%.

“On My Block” Season four ratings are looking on par; with what they were for season three, which is also good news! It’s still early in its first week, but so far “On My Block” season four releases; have had strong numbers on IMDB and Netflix!. There have been some mixed reviews from viewers; about how this latest chapter; compares to earlier ones but you can’t please everyone all the time. All in all, we’re happy that there will be more seasons coming our way soon because these characters deserve their stories told and justice served!

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