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Elijah Wood In “No Man of God” – Everything We Know So Far!

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Elijah Wood is set to play a priest in the upcoming movie “No Man of God,” and we’ve got all the details you need! Elijah will portray Father Jacob, who is struggling with his faith as he struggles with internal demons. He’s also a man that has lost everything because of these inner conflicts- his family, his home, and in some ways even himself.

In this post, we’ll cover Elijah Wood’s new movie No Man of God which releases on August 27th, 2021. The film follows Father Jacob who must deal with mental illness when it comes to his faith.

Release Date for the movie

The movie is all set to hit the theatres this year as a release date of August 27th, 2021 has been confirmed by the producers and directors.

Elijah Wood in No Man of God

This is Elijah Wood’s first leading role in a movie since his breakout performance as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Elijah has been fairly absent from Hollywood for nearly 20 years, but this new film by director Emilio Estevez looks to change that.


No Man Of God tells the story of Father Jacob (Elijah Wood), who after having lost everything because of mental illness – including his family and home- must confront these demons before he can get closure with them. This isn’t Elijah’s first foray into acting, however; he starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can and was one half of Wilbur Wonka on Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. With No Man Of God coming Everything We Know So Far! Elijah Wood is set to play a priest in the upcoming movie “No Man of God,” and we’ve got all the details you need!

Elijah Wood talks new Ted Bundy film 'No Man of God'

Source: Yahoo

Potential Storyline for “No Man of God”

The film follows Father Jacob; as he tries desperately to find solace; through religion. Even though nothing good ever seems to come from it; for him personally which leads to inner conflict; between what he believes and what he feels.

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The film follows Elijah Wood as Father Jacob, who is on the hunt for answers; to his questions about faith and whether or not; religion will ever provide any solace from mental illness; which has been plaguing him since childhood.

As a child growing up in rural Ohio, Elijah’s father was killed; by their neighbor (Elijah remembers holding a gun), leading Elijah’s mother; into alcohol abuse where she would beat her son until one day he decided to defend himself against her attacks and stabbed her fatally 16 times.

Father Jacob has lost everything because of his mental illness when it comes to faith- he’s lost his family, his home, and himself. But as Elijah portrays him in this movie, he must find hope before he can get closure with these demons from within.


Father Jacob Stearne is the pastor at Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church in suburban Stockton California. His entire life he’s been told by the church leadership to keep quiet about what really happened on Good Friday 2000 when Jesus Christ died for our sins – but now it’s time to tell all! The priest starts blogging

Cast and Characters for the movie

Overall it sounds like an interesting movie about mental health which I’m looking forward to seeing more details on. Elijah Wood continues his acting journey by tackling another challenging role where he must find balance before moving on from his past troubles.

The main star cast for the movie is as follows:

  • Elijah Wood as Bill Hagmaier
  • Luke Kirby as Ted Bundy
  • Aleksa Palladino as Carolyn Lieberman
  • Robert Patrick as Roger Depue
  • Christian Clemenson as Dobson
  • Hugo Armstrong as Colorado Investigator
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Will there be any special guest appearances in the movie?

There is no indication that there will be any special guest appearances in the movie. Elijah Wood was at one time considering starring in “No Man of God” with fellow actor Johnny Depp during his hiatus from acting but Mr. Elijah declined and chose to star as Bill Hagmaier instead.

It’s not really clear what decision he made, I guess we have to wait for more information on this topic when it becomes available later down the line!


We’ll know soon enough if Elijah has a change of heart about appearing in future projects together or not!

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