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“Cambridge Analytica” Movie Reportedly Features Eddie Redmayne!


A new movie is set to be released in theaters soon about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Eddie Redmayne will play a leading role! In this blog post, we will discuss what Eddie’s character is like in the film, who else is playing a role, where the movie was filmed, and when it will be released.

The Eddie Redmayne-starring “Cambridge Analytica” movie reportedly features Eddie Redmayne as one of its most prominent characters.

About the upcoming movie “Cambridge Analytica”

The Eddie Redmayne-starring film, “Cambridge Analytica,” is a new movie based on the scandalous British company that harvested personal data from millions of Facebook users without their permission. The upcoming Netflix and Channel Four production will be released in 2023 (tentative).

“Cambridge Analytica” Trailer and Teaser Update

“Cambridge Analytica” upcoming Movie Trailer Reveals Eddie Redmayne’s Role! Eddie Redmayne will be playing one of the main characters in this new film as he stars alongside some great actors like Mark Strong (best known for his roles in “Kick-Ass,” Mr. Holmes,”) Emma Thompson (famous British actress), and Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”).


*All provided information is tentative*

Eddie Redmayne in Cambridge Analytica

Eddie Redmayne’s role has been revealed! You might recognize Eddie from his most recent starring role as Lili Elbe in last year’s Academy Awards. Redmayne, who starred in the 2012 Best Picture Winner “The Theory of Everything,” will play the lead role.

Through a partnership with these two companies, director David Fincher brought this story about Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of Facebook user data to life.

I’ve been working hard lately so I don’t have much time to take care of myself.

Eddie Redmayne Reportedly Set To Star In Cambridge Analytica Movie

Source: Screen

I’ve been feeling a lot better lately, and I think it’s because I started taking the time to take care of myself.

It is tough when you have a hard day at work because there are so many responsibilities that come with being an adult. Eddie Redmayne in Cambridge Analytica.

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal is all over the news again, and Eddie Redmayne will be starring in a movie about it! Eddie’s character is not yet known for the upcoming Netflix film.

Cast and Character Updates

Even though we have up to zero news that who might be casting into this big Russo Brothers project. But since the movie is following a major British setting, we can expect to see some famous British actors in the movie.

The most anticipated actors who might get a role in this movie are:

  • Eddie Redmayne stars as Alexander Nix (CEO)
  • Emma Thompson plays Eileen Daly – former CEO for CA’s US office
  • The film also may feature Michael Nyqvist and Benedict Cumberbatch.

About the anticipated main cast

Eddie Redmayne is best known for his role as Stephen Hawking; in The Theory of Everything (2014). And he will play the lead character. Eddie Redmayne; was also nominated four times; by either the Academy or other prestigious organizations; like Golden Globe or Screen Actors Guild, but so far he hasn’t won any of them yet.

Emma Thompson has received Academy Award nominations, Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and British Academy Film Award awards throughout her career. She’s been nominated twice for an Oscar-winning performance in Sense & Sensibility (1995), she won two Best Actress from a BAFTA award at London Critics Circle Theatre Awards – one for Howards End(1992) and another for Angels In America(1993).


“Cambridge Analytica” Potential Plot Details

“In a world where data can make or break people’s careers. One company has set out with an idea that they own your data,”

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“Cambridge Analytica is a British company; that specializes in collecting data, analyzing the information of those who take their personality test and then sells it to companies.”

“Up until now, Cambridge Analytica has been unknown; outside of Silicon Valley. But all that changed when they released an advertisement saying: “We’re bringing Big Data to behavioral science.” The advert went viral; on social media with more than one million YouTube views; within just 24 hours.”

The film will follow how Alexander Nix (CEO) found out about this great loophole where he could use Facebook’s API for free – as long as his client had not signed up to be a developer themselves. So CA started scraping public profiles from around the web and started building models of personality types and voter attitudes.


“The company claims to be able to create a digital “fingerprint” for every US voter, usernames and passwords included.”

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