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Knives Out 2: What Do We Know So Far About The Sequel?

Knives OUt 2

Knives Out 2 is finally coming out, and we are so excited to see what everyone thinks of it. The first movie was a huge success, but that doesn’t mean the second one will be too. We want you guys to start getting excited as well! Make sure you follow us on social media for more updates about the upcoming release date!

Knives Out 2 Renewal Details:

Johnson, who initially expressed interest in making more movies with Daniel Craig and confirmed he was working on the script for Knives Out 2, has announced that it is officially greenlit by Lionsgate.

Producer, Lionsgate Entertainment, wanted the movie to be made as soon as possible after they saw the early footage. Director Daniel Benoit Blanc vouched for a potential future film if this one does well with audiences.

Knives Out 2 Began Filming! Netflix Renewed Series for 2 Season | Release  Date

Source: Central

Johnson said, “I wanted to do what Agatha Christie did with her novels.” Christie’s novels often follow a famous detective by the name of Hercule Poirot, who meets different people and solves new mysteries in each book.

Lionsgate will not be releasing either of two Knives Out sequels to Netflix. Rather, Johnson and producing partner Ram Bergman have signed a deal for the pair of movies with Netflix that gives them complete creative control over the project.


Johnson and Bergman owned the rights to the films, so their reps at CAA began shopping Knives Out 2 around due to the likelihood of it not being released in theaters. In light of this, audiences with a Netflix subscription will be able to watch when it’s released, whether that’s a better or worse decision.

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Knives Out 2 Plot Synopsis:

Knives Out 2, a planned follow-up to the forthcoming focus movie that is set to premiere in October of next year, will not be a sequel or continuation of the story from 2016’s release.

A sequel to Knives Out is still in the pre-production stage, so no plot details have been revealed yet. However, it’s possible to deduce that Benoit Blanc will solve a new murder overseas for his next novel since Jonhson has said he plans on using Christie’s template when writing Knives Out 2.

New characters will be introduced when “Knives Out 2” begins production shortly, and the sequel is expected to have a different style of a murder mystery than its predecessor.


Knives Out 2 Cast Details:

This season will not be short on star power. The original Knives Out did a good job bringing in popular actors such as Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Along with up-and-comers Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, and Jaeden Martell.

In the sequel to Knives Out, Benoit Blanc (played again by Craig) will be joined by Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, and Janelle Monáe.

Curtis gave an update on the Thrombey family’s plans to join Blanc in Greece following the events of Knives Out over Instagram.

Knives Out 2 Release Date Details:

The sequel to the 2019 crime thriller was originally pegged for a 2020 release but mega-plague. Fortunately, Netflix has stepped up, and now we’re slated to shoot in Greece this June 2021.


There is almost no chance that the second installment of this franchise will be released in 2022. Director David Johnson’s obsession with speed could mean it won’t come out until 2024 or later, while Craig Robinson’s desired return means we’ll have to wait even longer. Either way, fans may never know for sure when the sequel will arrive.

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