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All American Season 3 To Set Up Simone’s Spinoff Show – What We Need To Know!

All AMerican Spinoff

We’re so excited for Simone’s spinoff show, but we need to know the details! All American Season 3 is set to wrap up Simone’s story, and most likely will be a backdoor pilot for her own series. Simone is an ambitious young woman who has been through a lot on All American season 2. We’ll get to see what it was like for Simone before she came out of foster care in Los Angeles and found herself at USC with the track team.

Here are 3 things you should keep your eyes peeled for when watching this final season of All American:

  • Simone is going to continue her track career at USC, but how will she navigate the new world of college athletics? She has been through so much already in high school and there’s a lot more coming. Simone may not be as heavily featured on All American Season Three because we’ll see what it was like for Simone before all this happened.
  • Simone’s storyline takes place over three years (2020 – 2022) which means certain things are bound to happen that aren’t pleasant or easy. We know from previous seasons that Simone can handle tough times really well!
  • There have been rumors about a love interest who is also an athlete and could potentially become one of Simone’s teammates at UCLA/USC…or maybe will be faced with obstacles that she’s never encountered before, and we cannot wait to see how Simone handles the pressure.

 Potential Plot for the Simone’s Spin-Off Show

All American Season three; will be a new beginning for Simone; who has come into her own this season; with scandalous secrets; that threaten not only her future in medicine. But also a possible career as an attorney; if Antonia Ford; finds out about them. The stakes are high – so Simone does everything in her power; to keep things under wraps. And put up walls around herself; until they can break through them together.

How All American Season 3 Set Up Simone's Spinoff | Screen Rant

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After being accepted into Stanford Law School, Simone realizes; she does not have the luxury of time; to stay in LA for a second season. And all secondary characters; get pulled into Simone’s orbit. She tells her father; about Stanford, who was disappointed but supportive, and Simone decides; to move back East; so that she can attend law school with Warner.

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Simone graduates from Stanford Law School; after six years instead of four.

The main lead is outspoken; when it comes to social justice – if you ask her opinion or how things should happen; then expect an answer; even if it isn’t what society wants to hear!

The show revolves around cases where our heroine helps people by using every skill set possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about the show

Who is Simone?

Simone is the main character of All American. Simone’s family moved from South Central LA to Beverly Hills. Simone attended a prestigious private school, but she never felt that it was her true home because none of her classmates were like her in any way and they seemed threatened by Simone’s intelligence and ambition. She found solace with two other girls just as different as herself – Taye Diggs’ daughter Lorraine and Breckin Meyer’s son Jackson – who became close friends after being assigned to be dorm roommates their freshman year at UCLA together.

Simone had always been told there were no African-American doctors before Antonia Ford came along, so when She realized how much Antonia wanted Simone to become one. Simone didn’t feel like she could say no to her.

Who are the potential lead characters for Simone’s Spin-Off Show?

Simone – The main lead is torn between the two worlds of medicine and law, but it’s becoming more difficult by the day. She has some big decisions ahead for herself: how far will she go to get what she wants?

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Antonia Ford (played by Regina Hall) – Simone’s mentor at UCLA Medical School who taught her that there were no African American doctors before they came along together; now a professor in residence, chief resident in pediatrics and neonatology, director of pediatric emergency services as well as founder/executive producer of an upcoming web series called “Everything Black”.


Jackson Gardner (played by Taye Diggs) – Simone’s best friend from Stanford University who became close friends after does Simone really wants?

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