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You Are My Spring: Detailed Review Of K-Drama Series

Your my spring review

We’ve discussed endlessly our love of the Korean drama here, and a large portion of them are about how people finally fall for someone after not ever accepting romantic love. In a lot of ways, they’re classic screen romances: either the pair are at odds with one another from the beginning, or there’s an instant attraction. You Are My Spring has some elements of spring but also includes some messed-up childhoods and a compelling murder mystery.

You Are My Spring: Review

My seven-year-old daughter excitedly received a free children’s book from the local church. She came into my room grinning ear to ear, but when I asked her what it was about, she told me that she prefers happy endings, so she didn’t read it. She rereads the book again and again because she needs a story with happy endings after years of reading about depressing stories. Even as a young girl, she could see that her dad had a problem with alcohol, and when he got drunk, he turned into someone she didn’t know.

You Are My Spring, Season 1 | 23 New and Returning Series Are Coming to  Netflix in July, and We May Never Leave Home | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo  6


Back in 2020, Kang Da-Jeong (Seo Hyun-jin) is now a grownup 34 and works as a concierge at the Grand Hyatt. She also rents an apartment just near to her old neighborhood, where she moved back after her divorce from Lee Gang-Yeon (Jung Woo).

And Dr. Joo Yeong-do (Kim Dong-Wook) is moving in as well–a psychiatrist and mystery novelist who consults on TV dramas and who has helped the police with a case before, he’s been divorced years ago from actress Ga Yeong-an (Nam Gy?]i), who was an addictive drama queen, always looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

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Twist In the Story

Eun-ha introduces Da-Jeong to Yeong-do and mentions how he reads her like an open book with just a quick look at the apartment she’s renting and the fact that she calls herself “a trash magnet.”


Yeong-do, who works with her at the hotel of Da-Jeong as a chef, offers some more advice about how Chae Joon is “just some guy looking for someone to take care of him” and she should not trust him.

You Are My Spring has plenty of dramatic elements for all members of the family. It feels like a telenovela and isn’t like what most Korean dramas usually feel like.

The Korean drama You Are My Spring has a lot of elements to consider. Written by Lee Mi-na, the show has to bring everything that we described in the previous section — the love triangle, murder mystery, and more – and make it all make sense. Coming with only 1 episode per week for 12 minutes each, there is plenty of time for depth in character development, which is shown through Da Jeong’s backstory in this episode 12 minutes long while Yeong do’s background will likely come at a later date.

Throughout our story so far, both Yeong-do and Da-Jeong have been plagued by their family dynamics. Recently, we’ve seen a deterioration in the mother-daughter relationship of Da-Jeong (she tells her mom she wants to be free) while Yeong-do is dealing with his absent father.


Joon has had the most difficult history out of all our characters. Despite his charming demeanor, we know that he could have something to do with the murder because of conflicts in the past and unclear motivations.

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When it comes to plot, relationships are the driving force. It’s unclear how Joon will be involved in the story, but we’re looking forward to seeing more relationship building because some plots can start out strong but then get lost over time.

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