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The New Ray Donovan Movie: Now in Production

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The new Ray Donovan movie is now in production. The news was announced at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, and it will be a continuation of the popular TV show that has been running for a long time, and it may air soon enough. After a year in hiatus, Showtime’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber, is coming back with a feature-length movie to wrap up.

Production Details About The New Ray Donovan Movie:

A Ray Donovan movie is in production at Showtime. The crime drama starred Liev Schreiber as the title character, a Los Angeles family man working as a professional fixer when it was unexpectedly canceled by Showtime after seven seasons.

After 8 seasons, we should have a sense of what to expect next. The showrunner might have the story planned for it since they had an idea in place before cancellation. Now that the series has been canceled on its own terms, fans are demanding more episodes as a way to “wrap things up.” Even Ray Donovan himself, William H. Schreiber, said he knows there will be a film made to give the show a proper ending and is creating one himself.

Ray Donovan Movie Coming To Showtime, Will Continue Series Storyline


Cannan, Showtime has announced that a Ray Donovan feature-length film is now in development and will commence production later this year. The movie is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

The newest project of Liev Schreiber and Ray Donovan will combine elements from the present-day fallout of Tully Sullivan’s feud with Ray and Mickey’s backstory for 30 years ago. Showtime stated in a recent release that “it would take place in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, and Northern Ireland.”


When the show Ray Donovan concluded after seven great seasons, we heard from so many of its loyal fans that they were not ready to say goodbye. Liev and David will be bringing back this iconic series for a thrilling new chapter.

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This is not the first time that a film of a popular television show was made after being canceled. Deadwood went through this process after being ended prematurely during its third season, and HBO revived it for a two-hour movie at least ten years later.

Season seven of Ray Donovan ended with a bit of closure as Donovan dealt with his guilt while potentially rekindling the battle with Mickey. It is uncertain what events will occur or what questions will be answered in the film, but fans have finally gotten their wish.

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