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Summertime: Season 3 – What You Need to Know About The Third Season

Summertime Season 3

Summer is finally here! But it’s not summer without the Italian series. Summertime, the Italian series that has captured the hearts and minds of many people around the world will be returning for a new season. This post talks about everything you need to know about this new season, including its plot summary, cast details, and storyline. Are you excited? Read more now!

Release Date

Summertime Season 2 last episode aired on June 3, 2021, on Netflix. The second season has eight episodes with a run time of 35-40 minutes each.

As for the third season, no official announcement has been made yet. However, based on the response the show gets to fans around the world, it looks like Netflix may renew for a third season. The book on which “Summertime” is based is a part of a trilogy.

Summertime Season 2: Renewed! What's Happening Next? All Details


The Netflix series is not the first screen version of Moccia’s books There were two films made based on the first two books of the trilogy.

Talking about the airing date of the second season of “The Summertime,” it was released after more than a gap of 13 months. So, we can expect the new season to air anytime in 2022.


Cast and Characters

If the show gets updated for the third season, the main characters are set to return. Coco Rebecca Edogamhe plays the role of Summer Bennati, while Ludovico Tersigni recounts the role of summer love, Alessandro Alba AKA Ale. Other characters in the play are Alice Ann Edogamhe, Giovanni Maini, Andrea Lattanzi, Thony, and Amanda Campana. We can also see the following characters return from season 3: Mario Sgueglia as Maurizio Alba, Maria Sole Mansutti as Laura Alba, Stefano Fregni as Piero, and Eugenio Krauss as Bruno De Cara. When new characters are introduced, we can see new faces.

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The plot of the new season

In the second season, Summer and Ale collide after their loves go separate ways at the end of the first season. However, when they meet, it disrupts the way things are going for them, and they decide to give the relationship another shot. Finally, Summer realizes that he may have a lot of energy and needs to take time to get things ready, while his friend Sofia feels a bit far away from him.

Summer in the second season is in full swing as his parents decide to separate. Summer is facing Sofia, who admits she has had feelings for summer. In the final seasons of the season, we see Lola and Ale returning from races as a team. Only worse, as Lola was seriously injured and had to be rushed to hospital.

After the cliffhanger of the Second Season, the third can start with Ale and Summer are in life. We can also get to see Lola’s survival.


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