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Cheakspeare Shores Season 5: Release Date, Cast and More

Cheaspokes Seaosn 5

As it celebrates its fourth season, the show “Chesapeake Shores” has become a fan-favorite for fans of Hallmark TV. As the fifth season of “Chesapeake Shores” nears, we got all the inside scoops on what to expect when it returns this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season:

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Release Details:

Hallmark is going ahead with Chesapeake Shores, after broadcasting a shortened fourth season consisting of only six episodes in the summer of 2019. The fifth season will be 10-episodes long and air during 2020.

Chesapeake Shores Is Returning With Season 5 But With A Bad News - DKODING


Though filmed before COVID-19, the production of season 5 was halted because of the epidemic and finally resumed in 2021.

Fortunately, the long wait will be over soon as we now have a premiere date for Dead Remember’s Season Five. The new season will air in its traditional time slot on Sundays and debut this upcoming Sunday (August 15th).

Though the series is returning, it has been nearly two years since we last saw the family. It seems that the planned spin-off movie where Mairead and Siobhán traveled to Rome for a friend’s wedding might not have happened.


There are no explanations for why this is, but there’s been little mention of the movie since it was first announced towards the beginning of 2019. It seems likely that pandemics either delayed or canceled Hallmark from including further developments in the series.

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Cast Details:

Meghan Ory, Lacy J. Mailey, Brendan Penny, and Andrew Francis will be reprising their roles as Abby, Jess, Kevin, and Connor respectively in “Chesapeake Shores” Season 5.

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Meanwhile, Treat Williams is also returning as Mick, the patriarch of the O’Brien family, and Diane Ladd returns as Nell. It’s likely that Jessica Sipos will return to her role as Kevin’s wife Sarah and Carlos Marks is likely to return as Jess’ fiancé David.

Jesse Metcalfe, who played country music singer and Abby’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Trace Riley, will no longer be a part of the show in Season 5.


Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Plot Synopsis:

“Chesapeake Shore” has had an incredible fourth season. The short season ended with Jess and David getting engaged after opening a new B&B, Bree signing with an agent who revealed he wanted to take her to play to London, Connor landing a new gig, and Abby reuniting with Trace for a brief moment.

The show will not resume where it left off, as producers do not want to jump the story too far ahead given how much time elapsed between seasons.

Hallmark has not yet confirmed what new season 5 of “Cheakspeare Shores” will entail, but it is already looking like a successful and progressive step in Abby’s life.

She’ll be challenged by Robert Buckley’s character Evan, who is overseeing new development the town approves. And knowing what we know about the world of “Chesapeake Shore,” it wouldn’t be too surprising if Abby also evolves into Evan’s love interest.

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