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Dwayne Johnson Updates fans about Black Adam’s final week of filming!

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is well-known for his roles in action films, and now he’s taking on the role of Black Adam. Dwayne shared footage from the set of “Shazam!” where he was filming some final scenes as Black Adam. Dwayne has been a fan favorite to play this character since it was announced that he would be playing him back in 2020. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Dwayne to take on this iconic villain role and they will finally get their wish when “Shazam!” releases next year!

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a famous actor and producer. The actor has been an action film fan favorite since he starred in “Walking Tall” back in 2004. He made his first appearance as Black Adam on the big screen when he appeared at the end of “Shazam!” to confront Billy Batson about who’s stronger between him or Shazam!

In 2021, Dwayne will be starring alongside Henry Cavill (Superman) in DC’s upcoming superhero movie “Shazam!” The expectations for this project are high because it follows up from last year’s “Aquaman,” which was so well-received by fans everywhere. It will reunite Dwayne with director David Sandberg, who Dwayne had worked with on “Shazam!”

According to Dwayne’s Instagram account, Black Adam will be filming for the last time this week!


What will be the movie “Black Adam” be about?

Black Adam is expected to be Dwayne’s most major and highest-profile role yet. Dwayne noted that the movie will share similarities with “Green Lantern,” in which he played Luke Cage, a superhero without superpowers whose abilities are derived from an alien device or object of some kind. Dwayne stated during his Comic-Con panel for Shazam! that Black Adam follows a similar suit: “This character has powers but it’s nothing like any superhero we’ve seen before.”

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When Dwayne Johnson first appeared at the end of “Shazam!” to confront Billy Batson, Dwayne noted that the scene was part of an “endcap” and set up a potential sequel. Dwayne Johnson also told Entertainment Tonight, “I think Black Adam is going to have a big future in DC.”

What can fans expect from Dwayne’s portrayal?

Dwayne has said before that he wants his character to be “bigger than life” with more edge than some other superheroes like Superman or Batman. Dwayne added: “He will have powers; it won’t be anything like any superhero we’ve seen before… He’ll basically rule our world. The only way you can stop him is by killing him.”

Who else stars in this film?

  • Lena Waithe as Queen Arizona
  • The Rock Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
  • Evelyn Batton as Queen Mother Ramat-Ra

What else is new with Dwayne?

Dwayne recently posted a video on Instagram showing off his ripped muscles. Dwayne was shirtless in the post, flexing and making different poses to show off his fitness regimen. He captioned the post: “I’m not prepping for anything or shooting anywhere I just wanted to stay sharp.” Donda also shared some workout tips with fans, including protein shakes before workouts!

Dwayne Johnson Unveils 'Black Adam' Summer 2022 Release Date During NCAA Tourney Game – Deadline


He has been advertising this film heavily since he originally announced it about one year ago. Dwayne even tweeted that he “can’t wait” for people to see it while filming. Dwayne has also been posting pictures of himself with the cast and crew on set.

Fans Reaction to Dwayne’s Updates on Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson updates fans about Black Adam’s final week of filming! Dwayne Johnson, who is starring as “Black Adam” in a DC Comics adaptation film titled Shazam!, updated his followers on Saturday to let them know that he will be wrapping up filming for the project this coming Tuesday, April 11th. The actor shared an Instagram post showing off some promotional artwork from the movie which included him sitting atop what appears to be Djinjago while holding two daggers ready at his side. He captioned it: “#BLACKADAMLASTDAYOFFILMING.”


Fans were quick to notice how Dwayne’s hair is no longer braided and instead slicked back with a shaved beard. Dwayne also shared the artwork on Twitter, captioning it: “One last week of filming! Taking Black Adam to new heights.”

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Will Dwayne Johnson play a bad guy in Black Adam?

“I think of him as a villain with a hero’s heart,” Dwayne told Entertainment Weekly when first announcing his involvement with Shazam! Dwayne continued to say: “[Black Adam] just believes there should never be any heroes because they would get in your way of taking over or sitting at number one spot. He’s always been known as being this sort of super evil guy — although we don’t describe him like that when we introduce him.” Dwayne has also shared with us his excitement to have a shaved head, which he told Entertainment Weekly as “a nod to the comic book.”

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