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Young royals Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Plot for Netflix’s Swedish Drama

Young Royals Season 2

Netflix series Young Royals has only just dropped on the streamer but fans who have binge-watched the six-part are already wondering if a second season is in the pipeline or not.

The coming of an age boarding school series follows Prince Wilhelm, a Swedish royal packed off to a prestigious school after he is embroiled in a public scandal. Then he rubs his shoulders with the nation’s elite teens but as the series goes on, he only has eyes for Simon, a scholarship student who’s looked down on by the rest of the student body.

Plot Summary

In the Young Royals season one finale, Wilhelm chooses royal duty over love: after a sex tape of both him and Simon is leaked online (by none other than August), Wilhelm publicly denies that it’s him in the video, betraying Simon. He later explains to Simons that he hopes that he can conduct a secret romance, but that is not enough for Simon, who breaks off things between them.

However, by the end of the final episode, it is clear that the former couple still has feelings for each other despite Wilhelm’s decision to obey his mother (the queen) and prioritize his new role as Crown Prince.

Young Royals Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot and More | Telegraph Star

Source: Telegraph

The pair will both continue to attend Hillerska as students, so it remains to be seen whether the pair will reunite further down the line.

If the series is renewed for a new season the plot will likely be continued from where season one left.

Cast of Young royals Season 2

Should Young Royals be renewed by Netflix for a second season, we will probably see the return of all the major characters and casts. Edvin Ryding, a young Swedish actor, leads the cast as Prince Wilhelm. His credits include Gåsmamman, Love Me, and Fröken Frismans krig. Pernilla August (The Investigation) plays Wilhelm’s mother, Queen Kristina. Rounding out the cast are Malte Gårdinger (August), Frida Argento (Sara), Nikita Uggla (Felicie), Samuel Astor (Nils), and Omar Rudberg (Simon).

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Release Date of Young royals Season 2

No updates on the release date. But we will notify you once we get to hear anything on the release date.

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