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It’s Time To Say Goodbye: The Loki Episode 4 Ending Explained

Loki episode 4 ending

There’s much to love about the new Loki series, but the final minutes of episode 4 are especially noteworthy. Not only is this scene logically sound and artistically in tune with what we know of the characters, but it also features a post-credits stinger that points directly to future developments for both Jane Foster and Thor.

Mobius Is Dead?

Wilson’s fan-favorite character Mobius M. Mobius gets himself deleted after confronting Judge Renslayer about the true nature of the TVA, its agents, and the Time-Keepers in part four of “Loki.” Unlike past episodes where Sylvie assists him with his memories through memory reactivation, he’s barely familiar with these interests that seem to be fragments of his former life (such as jet skis).

Not even bothering to confirm the newfound conclusion, or to dispute his message, Renslayer deletes him from history. It is so sad considering what a friendly presence Wilson’s Mobius has been on this show. Is he actually gone?

Well, or should we just kill off a beloved character like this and end things with everyone’s security blanket de-rezzed (foreshadowing Tron, yep)…or does this mean that there could be hope for Mobius too?


There is another possibility for Loki’s identity – the TVA has MANY Mobius working in it. This isn’t something we’ve seen on the show, but there may be a chance that one will appear with memories intact who can help Sylvie (although unlikely).

The Fake Time-Keepers?

All of the Time-Keepers are revealed as fakes. There are two possible explanations for this revelation: 1) an unknown party recreated them, or 2) they were all created by Jarl with magic.

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The Time-Keepers were once real, but a mysterious entity killed or replaced them all. Who that entity was and what they were after is unknown, but we should start by examining the possibilities.

What’s With Judge Renslayer Deal?

Long before the latest episode of LOKI, Judge Ravonna Renslayer has been a source of debate (and occasional ire) for fans. Many see her as “too in love with the system” and take issue with her job. As we learned from the recent episode, there is some serious distrust coming from Mobius Energy Factories about how judges handle their jobs. This includes Judge Renschard, who was just as embroiled in scandalous behavior – like violating doctor-patient confidentiality -as anyone else involved.

Loki Episode 4 Post-Credits Scene: 4 New Variants Explained

Source: Screen

Just look at the look she gives the camera during Hunter C-20’s confession/debriefing. That isn’t just fear that the “official story” could be challenged or blown up, but fear for her own well-being. And then as she gets defeated she looks either relieved (Gugu Mbatha-Raw is so great in this role) or resigned to her fate of being manipulated by whoever created The Tim Keeper ruse.

It’s worth noting that in the pages of Marvel Comics, Ravonna is romantically involved with Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling villain whose entire modus operandi is messing with the timeline.

Yes, yes…we got burned thinking Mephisto was really behind everything on WandaVision, but in this case, the evidence suggesting Kang being behind some of Mrs. Van Dyne’s shady dealings at Quantumania are increasing. Especially since we know he will be appearing as a major antagonist of Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania and has already been cast for it.

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If Loki Isn’t Dead…Then Where is He?

Loki has awoken…somewhere. Whatever was supposed to delete him from the timeline has instead sent him to another timeline itself, or a pocket universe of some kind.

That certainly appears to be a ruined New York City, and you can see a crumbling Avengers tower there. Perhaps he ended up in a different timeline where he won his battle with New York?


The question is, does Loki exist in the deleted variants’ reality?

What Are These Variant Lokis?

Marvel’s Loki has sought out not just one of his many potential allies as he escaped, but three (or four) variants of himself.

In a shocking turn of events, Loki finds himself in the same position as in The Avengers, surrounded by his enemies.

This is where the episode really gets interesting. Loki’s final words to his enemy are shocking: “Thank you for giving me a chance at peace, but please understand that I am not doing this for myself. The Earth will need someone strong and wise when they see what has become of their world.”


The last few moments in Asgard feature some totally epic dialogue between Thor and Loki about how he doesn’t want to be king anymore since it’s only bringing pain; there’s also more great banter with Lady Sif and other characters we’ve seen before who don’t make it out alive (sorry guys), as well as Thanos handing over the Tesseract to Loki.

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