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“Dove Cameron Talks about the Powerpuff Girls”

Powerpuff girls

Dove Cameron, known for her role as Mal in Disney’s Liv and Maddie, recently sat down with a Powerpuff Girl to discuss the upcoming movie. The interview was full of fun facts about the new film and Dove’s favorite things. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the article!

Dove Cameron About Powerpuff Girls:

Dove Cameron has explained the reasoning behind re-shooting scenes from “The Powerpuff Girls” after CW executives felt that the new series was too campy.

Variety reported that Cartoon Network ordered a reworking of the Powerpuff Girls pilot in late April because they found it to be “‘too campy’ and not as grounded in reality as executives wanted.”

The CW had a lot of hope for the PPG reboot, but after exploring various options, they ultimately decided to move on and cancel the venture.

Powerpuff Girls' Casting: Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault -  Variety


In this case, the pilot was found not to be a good fit. However, they still wished to give it another shot because there were several elements that would have been useful. The intention of the show is for a more serious approach to grounded reality rather than something with a humorous or campy feel.

After years of expansion, CW was recovering from three straight seasons of declining ratings. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, one of the show’s stars, Dove Cameron weighed in on the reshoot and admitted she is excited about the prospect.

“We’re tackling a really big project here,” Dove said. “It’s tonally very specific and we’re handling it with the diligence that I think is necessary to make sure they’re happy, everyone involved will be happy, and it still will translate.”

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She said, “We’re really excited about the opportunity to take part in this. Our removal of some elements and replacement of others will keep everything else intact.”

Dove Cameron on Powerpuff Girls. “We all texted and we were like ‘Oh my gosh, what an amazing little project.’ What a special thing as an actor to be able to go back and say ‘What would I have done differently?’


Cameron was very enthusiastic about voicing the character Buttercup on the new Cartoon Network show “Powerpuff Girls.” Elsewhere, in the interview, Dove clarified that the pilot is not being reshot because of backlash over a leaked script.

“It wasn’t a script leak,” she said. “It was just reshot and we picked up on our production schedule.”

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