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“The Walking Dead” reveals comic-book favorite Mercer in season 11 Preview!

Good In The Walking Dead Season 11

Today on “The Walking Dead,” we were introduced to the comic-book favorite mercer. He is going to be a major player in season 11 of the show, and it’s already been revealed that he will have a big presence!

Mercer was shown as someone who isn’t afraid to put himself in danger but also has some compassion for others when needed. He can even be seen as sort of an antihero. We don’t know much about him yet, but I am guessing he doesn’t take his sone too seriously and likes to play around with people until they get serious with him – which should make for some good comedic relief!

About “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series that airs on AMC. It was created by Frank Darabont and is based on the comic book series of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman. The show is about a group of people trying to survive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

Mercer in The Walking Dead Season 11

“The Walking Dead” mercer as someone who isn’t afraid to put himself in danger, but also has some compassion for others when needed?


Mercer has already been revealed to be a major player this season – so keep your eyes peeled for him! With his knowledge of mercer’s character from reading the comics, it will be interesting how he fits into all these new events unfolding around Rick Grimes and co. I’m guessing you’ll find out at some point who mercers dad is (or if mercers dad even existed) as well? Too bad we don’t have any information on Mercer’s character from reading the comics yet, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a huge impact on Rick and company this season.

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Who is Mercer?

Mercer is a character from the comics who was introduced in Issue #157. He’s an original survivor, and he has some of the most dangerous skills around – including knife throwing! And if you’re not worried about mercer when it comes to mercer’s father…you should be. There are several theories as to mercer’s dad identity floating around out there, but we can’t confirm or deny any of them just yet 🙂

Mercer is a new character introduced in 2019 The Walking Dead comic book series. And has yet to be seen on TV, but he’s been talked about by other characters such as Rick’s son, Carl Grimes. Fans have speculated that mercer could play a big role in future episodes of the show since his dad was killed off at the end of season one, and mercer may want revenge for him.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Preview

Mercer’s potential impact on Rick Grimes and Company this season may have been revealed at last- The Walking Dead cast member Ross Marquand teased that his character will provide “a little bit more insight into what happened with Negan.”

The Walking Dead Season 11 Set Photos Show First Look At Mercer

Source: Screen

His weapon of choice? Knives! Mercer also sets up traps for the survivors- a skill mercer learned from his father.

Mercer’s possible identity is also being speculated on with some theories floating around the internet – but we can’t confirm or deny any of them just yet!

Mercer Sets Traps For Survivors, Shows Off Knife Skills In New Poster

Ross Marquand plays Mercer in The Walking Dead season 11 preview. And reveals that he will give “a little bit more insight; into what happened with Negan.” The son of mercer’s dad; has revealed to Rick Grimes’ group that he uses knives as weapons. And sets traps for their safety. Some fans are speculating; about who this mysterious man really is based on a member’s last name, which could be anything from mercer to mercer or Merritt.

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The preview featured not only mercer with knives. But also showed some people from Rick’s group inspecting his traps set; near water where they can catch fish as Victor did; when he tried to make contact with them. However, it seems, this time,, we’ll see mercer in a different light.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Release Date

The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Release Date was announced by the shoemakers themselves through the official Instagram ID. Therefore, we have all rights to be excited about the upcoming series. It’s set to release on 22nd August 2021, which is a release date we can be seen in a blink!


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