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Good Omen Season 2 Confirmed! Based On The Planned book sequel

Good Omens Season 2

In good news for all Good Omen fans, the second season has been confirmed. Based on a planned book sequel to be released in 2022, the show will continue with its original cast and crew. The good omen series is often praised for its plot twists and suspenseful cliffhangers – so we can’t wait to see what they have in store this time around!

Good Omen Season 2 Release Date Speculations

Good Omen Season Release Date Confirmed! Actually, the renewal has been confirmed but not the release date. The shoemakers have just given us an idea of when we can expect the release of our favorite show. However, it is sometime in 2022. So we shouldn’t be much excited.

Good Omens Gets Surprise Season 2 Renewal by Amazon


Star Cast and Characters for Season 2 of Good Omen

The good omen stars are mostly new faces. It includes Katie McGrath as the protagonist Helen Magnus and David Warner as her father, Charles. Other cast members include Bradley James as Dr. Will Zimmerman; Misfits star Iwan Rheon of Game of Thrones fame will be playing a good-guy doctor named Dr. James Watson while his brother Ben is played by former Eastenders actor Arthur Darvill; who has also starred in Doctor Who and Broadchurch respectively. Tony Curran, who plays Silas Ramsbottom, an ageless being with magical powers, and Miranda Richardson on board; to play Lady Arden Carthage – one of the most powerful vampires alive.

I mentioned earlier that there might not be many familiar faces from season one, but this has changed recently – it has been confirmed that good-guy doctor will be played by Misfits star Iwan Rheon, who also starred in Game of Thrones as the villainous Ramsay Bolton.

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What do we know about the Good Omen Sequel Book?

In 1986 New York City, there were no good guys left. The vampires had hunted them down and slaughtered them all except for one. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the CDC’s New York-based Canary Project, was good at his job… but even he had come up against a force more powerful than anything else on earth–a threat to all humankind that could never be fully understood or confronted.


The last good guys in Manhattan are now faced with an impossible choice: fight and die as humans who cannot hope to stop this scourge alone or leave behind their humanity by joining forces with the enemy they know best. In both cases, only trauma and tragedy await them, yet it is better to take a stand knowing that you may fail than live without meaning under siege from bloodthirsty creatures intent on your destruction?

Frequently Asked Questions about the series:

What does good omen season two being confirmed mean?

It means that the show will continue with its original cast and crew. The good omen series usually has suspenseful cliffhangers and plot twists – so we can’t wait to see what they have in store this time around!

Will Good Omen Season 2 be based on a planned book sequel?

Yes! It is a continuation of the book, good omen season one.

The good omen series usually has suspenseful cliffhangers and plot twists – so we can’t wait to see what they have in store this time around!


What is Good Omen about?

Good Omen is about a good demon who just wants to fit in and be good. He must find his way through the maze of living on earth, struggling with balancing good and evil while meeting the girl of his dreams!

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What are some other Good Omens?

There are many good omens we can all take from this world – for example: being good to others or having faith in oneself will have its own rewards. We should also remember that no matter what happens, there’s always room for forgiveness. That said, let’s keep our fingers crossed that season two returns soon!

Why Was a Second Season Announced So Early?

It’s good to have high hopes and be optimistic that we’ll get what we want! Fans don’t need to worry about the delay – it could just mean more time for good omens.

How Do I Watch Season One?

I hope you’re all caught up on season one of Good Omens because there are so many good omens in store for us this year. If not, you can watch seasons one through eleven on Netflix starting at $0.00 per episode or $29.99 per month with a free trial available to new members only- see below for details!


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